Coopers Hill Photos from the 1950s

photos provided by Quentin "Joe" Lyons, 1964 yr.

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bluebellwoods.jpg chapel.jpg classroom.1.jpg collegeblock.jpg
 bluebell wood  Chapel  classroom  college block
german_gym.2.jpg old_dininghall-1.jpg old_dininghall-2.jpg playingfield.jpg
 German gym  dining hall  dining hall  playing field
play-terrace-1.jpg play-terrace-2.jpg presidents.hall.1.jpg presidents.hall.2.jpg
 Shakespeare? play,
Eros Room
 Shakespeare play  Presidents Hall  Presidents Hall
runneymede.view.jpg speech.jpg speech2.jpg  
 Runnymede view  Speech Day?,
Eros Room
 Speech Day?