"Quartet",  a YM Eventide yacht built by four Shoreditch students in the 1950s

"We attended Shoreditch (a superb professional, wonderful, lifelong training experience) 1955-1958,
enabling us to enthusiastically pass on our skills throughout our teaching days."

"Quartet was built as a major project in our 3rd year (1958) "in our spare time", outside what was a very intensive diploma year.
The 4 students were Alan Welbank, John Watson, Peter Wilkes, and Ken White.
Sadly, only one member is still alive, Ken, now 81. Peter died 20-11-15, John,3-3-03, Alan,14-11-2001."
(Ken White, 2017)


Quartet at sea



crew of Quartet

The Crew, clockwise from top left:
Peter Wilkes (1935-2015),  Alan Welbank (1934-2001),
John Watson (1935-2003),  Ken White (1935----)


Alan Welbank aboard Quartet

Alan Welbank (1934-2001)

Photo taken on Irish Cruise at Cowes on August 31, 1961


framed painting of Quartet

Painting of "Quartet" by Alan Welbank


A tapestry by Norma White - the launching of Quartet


Walney Bridge, Barrow-in-Furness - A tapestry stitched by Norma White


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