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John Williams

John provides much of the information that goes on these pages, other than the many contributions received from ex-students.  He is working his way through the records left by Bob Williams, and bit by bit they are appearing on the web site.  

If you need information, John is the person to contact.  

If you have photos / printed information that you would like to see on the web site, but you don't have access to a scanner, John would be the person to mail them to (mailing address available on request).

John's e-mail address:



Jill Sandwell

Jill manages the web site from Canada.

If you have access to a scanner, please send photos etc. directly to her in JPEG format if photos, or in JPEG or GIF format if documents.  PDF,  ZIP and .DOC formats also acceptable.  

If you notice any broken links (or any other mess-ups!),  please let Jill know.

Jill's e-mail address:




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