"Quartet"a Y M Eventide yacht built by four students in the 1950's

more photos of "Quartet" can be seen on this page

including a painting of her by Alan Welbank, and a tapestry stitched by Norma White



August 2014

Hi Jill, 

Below is a photo of the coffee set I made as my final job in 1968 which I would be happy if you are able to include on the Ditch website. I found it hidden away in a cupboard looking rather neglected and unloved but an hour or so of cleaning restored it and it is now on display in our flat in Bournemouth.

I don't make anything nowadays of much quality but have many happy memories of my time at Shoreditch when I did ----------- and still found time to go to The Barley Mow or The Happy Man most evenings!

Kind regards
Tim Watson  190/68
email:  timbertim21@gmail.com

 Tim Watson - Final Job 1968




China Cabinet

This china cabinet was made by a student for his final project, and later given to R.A. Williams.
Unfortunately we don't have a record of the student's name - does anyone recognise this piece?





Some Photographs from the Archives  
(collected by Bob Williams)

Unfortunately we don't know much about most of these photographs.
Any suggestions would be welcome!


casket with cast silver key

Casket, with cast silver key, presented to HM The Queen
on the occasion of the opening of the NUT Career Exhibition, 1959.
It was also shown in the Exhibition and was constructed by
Alan Peters.
The inlaid lettering was designed by Mr. Tuckett.


fireguard with spider web

Fireguard with Spider Web


several pieces on display



Memorial Lectern

Memorial Lectern

Designed & constructed at the College in memory of students killed in the First & Second World Wars.
It was made of oak(?), and at one stage was located in the Chapel.

According to the February 1949 issue of The Column, the Lectern was made by C.A. Moscrop.
It was designed in collaboration with R.A. Williams and was constructed between February and June 1948.
The lettering and the College crest were executed by Jose Alberdi.

(the information in the second paragraph is from Helen Betteridge, Assistant Archivist, Heritage Builds Bridges Project)





Birdscarved from African Walnut on a Rosewood Base
(K. Whiffin)




Boat on playing field behind the Kimberley Block (German Gym)



Ted Sawdy and student
Picture taken in one of the old (pre-1960s) workshops at Cooper's Hill







various metalwork pieces




various objects on display


gate or fireguard

Gate / Fireguard ? with fire poker and tongs


Cigarette Box
(?) presented to Mr. Scrivens on his retirement.
Made from pewter or silver.


Contributions to the page are much appreciated - if you would like a favourite item displayed, with proper credit, please e-mail a photo to Jill


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