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Shoreditch Students' Web Sites:
Terry Kent, 1960-63 - website showcasing his painting   
Robert Jackson, 73 hr. - unique quality jewellery, handmade in Wales     
Peter Hindle, 60 yr. - Ashem Crafts
Barry Thomas, 79 yr. - silversmithing
Andy Varah, 66 yr. - one-off pieces of furniture
Ashley Fowler, 79 - 82 yr. - Kingstech Young Engineers
Jeremy Broun, 1966 yr. - contemporary design in wood - furniture, lighting, clocks,unique videos to purchase on woodworking & design for schools and colleges.  Jeremy's updated website is at .
Jeremy Broun, 1966 yr. - newsletter/blog
Jeremy Broun, 1966 yr. - Jeremy has a new DVD "Furniture Today Part 3", details on this website     
Ken Aplin, 1967 yr. - AKEDA Jigs Incorporated
The AKEDA Jig is the first of a new generation of dovetail jigs for use with a hand held router ............
Alan Peters, 1959 - Furniture and smaller items of woodware made to order in mainly local Devon grown timbers
Kirk Nunn,  1969 to 1973
"Whilst I do not have an individual web site the company in which I am a major shareholder does. Our site shows our entire product range which I have had the pleasure of designing. It may or may not be of interest to others to see part of the outcome of an education at Shoreditch which concentrated on individual product design and making translated into mass production."
The Art Gallery in Virginia Water, founded by Richard and Andrew Dolinski and Peter Nagy

Lyndon Bournon, 1975 year

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Links mentioning former Shoreditch staff and students:     
"The Practical Arts in Education and Society" - an article written for RSA Comment by Jeremy Broun    
Authors of Woodworker's Manuals
Woodworker Manual Author #2:
Percy A Wells and John Hooper -- Cabinetmaking -- Ancient and Modern  
Gordon Moore  
Charles Sansbury
Peter Tyzack
Check out Shoreditch in this listing of schools, there are several students registered  


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Miscellaneous Links:

Alans Factory Outlet     new
A large number of articles on a wide variety of subjects, including the following:  (has a section on Wood Crafts for Children)

Heritage Crafts Association   
The Heritage Crafts Association was formed to support and promote heritage crafts as a fundamental part of our living heritage.

Heritage Builds Bridges
Shoreditch College Archives collection - catalogued by Brunel University Archives Dept.

SurreyLocal - Your Local Surrey Directory   A large directory of resources for Surrey residents and visitors

Art Gallery Worldwide
A lot of artworks in different styles and media. Website offers a wide variety of features and services that enable customers to buy and sell their art.

Bus Stop, by Doris Hazell    on their web site, scroll down a bit and click on the "Bus Stop" button
(an interesting story of the life of a tram/bus conductor, linking loosely with our subject on page 9)

Brunel University, Runnymede Campus
(a link to a map of the campus showing names of halls and other buildings, Chestnut Walk etc.)

Royal Holloway, University of London
(the Royal Holloway College web site, which includes an aerial view of Holloway College, in the "College Profile" section)

Friends' School, Saffron Walden
(an excellent source of educational links for students and teachers)

Geffrye Museum
English Domestic Interiors

London College of Fashion
(it appears the clothing industry side of the Shoreditch Technical Institute eventually became part of the London College of Fashion)

JIDI - London College of Fashion Collection

Visual Arts Data Service Catalogue Search
John came across this web site for the Pitfield Micro Brewery & Shop in Pitfield Street. He thought it might perhaps be a fun link to include in the site for the few who remember the Pitfield Street building; they'd have really loved having a place like that nearby ...

Easthampstead Park College
"In 1958-60 it was a Teachers' Training College (for the ladies)! I married one of their students.  Many dances were attended there by Shoreditch lads often travelling in the college 'bus' a 1930s Post Office Van. This site should lead automatically to a picture of Easthampstead Park College and a summary of its history."
(courtesy Maurice Hann)

Brunel University Library - Shoreditch College Archives   
"The archives <...> also include College minutes, files, and photographs, plus memorabilia such as:  blazers, a flag and a sweatshirt. The Shoreditch College Archives may be consulted by appointment."



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