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These albums contain photos with titles that may be confusing.  Over the years the names of some of the features have changed.  Following is the naming protocol we used:



     Photographic Tour of Campus at Coopers Hill       NEW!    a new website based on a comprehensive panoramic photographic tour of the Cooper's Hill/Runnymede Campus:  

This website has been created by Tom Hostler, a former Brunel student, who has spent hours photographing the campus in great detail using equipment enabling him to capture 360 degree views, and he has also done a tremendous job of work putting it all together in a website, as much for Shoreditch as for Brunel folk.

     Coopers Hill - 1950's     photos from Quentin "Joe" Lyons, 1964 year  (
These photos as well as the others from Joe Lyons have been copied from the old slides, which accounts for the poor quality of a few of them.

     Murals in the Old Dining Hall     photos from Quentin "Joe" Lyons, 1964 year

     Coopers Hill - early 1960's     photos from Quentin "Joe" Lyons, 1964 year.
Includes photos of the new buildings that Joe's year were the first to occupy

     Spring Fair 1963 and "National Willy Bobs Week" 1962   photos from Quentin "Joe" Lyons, 1964 year
This album includes photos of a Spring Fair organised for Charity, and of "The National Willy Bobs Week", featuring some of the pranks.  In Joe's words:  "The National Willy Bobs Week was as I recall students having a "jolly gape" and was all taken in good part by Bob.  At the time all the building work was in full swing with lots of bricks stacked about to wall off doors and drives (the bricks were passed along a line of students from A to B), loo pans to put on top of gyms, etc.  These could be the only shots of the event and it was generally all taken in good part if we cleared up afterwards!!"

     Pictures from the Final Goodbye Tour  on April 19, 2008     photos by Mike Marsh  (1959-61, 1971-72)

     Pictures from the Goodbye Tour  on September 20, 2007     photos by John Williams
The album includes many exterior shots of the buildings and grounds, archive centre displays, memorial plaques etc.
To scroll through the photos, click on the thumbnails and the photo will appear in a new window

    Trees and Grounds  photos taken at the time of the tour, and shortly after, by John Williams
Trees    some species names are in doubt.  If anyone can identify them, please email Jill
To scroll through the photos, click on the thumbnails and the photo will appear in a new window

    More Photos from the Final Goodbye Tour    photos by John Bailey, Bernard Hill and Robert Slack

    Years 1961-65    Exhibition photos  contributed & organised by Neville Webb

    1960 and 1972 Shoreditch Training College (and A French Mistress)   
B & W photos were taken during 1959-1961, colour photos during the period 1971-1972   
photos taken by Mike Marsh, 1961 Yr.


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