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  Photographic Tour of Campus at Coopers Hill          (DON'T MISS THIS ONE! Visit Tom Hostler's wonderful collection of photos and movie clips)

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  Older (1960s) Photographs at Coopers Hill

  More Recent (1997) Photographs at Coopers Hill

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These first photographs are older, taken in the 1960's

Hostel blocks under construction

Hostel block under construction      Hostel block under construction


Dining Hall

Dining Hall

Metalwork block

Metalwork block

Bluebell woods

Woods below "Rhododendron Walk" near the Old Bowling Green
Do you remember the camp fire in these bluebell woods?

2nd Rugby XV (1965)

Second Rugby XV  [1965]
with S.A.M. Bowden & R.A. Williams

[click on this image to see larger version -- 539 KB]

Photograph courtesy of Les Porter


Rugby Game

First Year vs. Supplementary Year, 1960

[click on the image for a different, larger photo of the Supplementary Year XV]


"The French Mistress" 1959/60

"The French Mistress"

filmed at Shoreditch College in 1959/60, starred Agnes Laurent and James Robertson Justice. Agnes Laurent is shown here with five students:

Hugh Davies, Vice President of the Students Union at that time;  the student next to him unknown;  William (Bill) Slessor;
Emyr Ab Iowerth;  Bernard (Bunnie) Hughes

Does anyone know the identity of the student second from left?

photo from the 1960 "Column", courtesy Maurice Hann

        On the left is Huw Davis, who I believe had been to Cambridge and played outside-half there, he was supplementary year. Next two not known, next is Emyr Ab Iowerth from Rhyl, 1960 year. He was a good footballer and was with Arsenal. He gave up the chance of a football career to be a teacher. Next to him is Bernard (Bunnie) Hughes, 1961 year from Treforest.
        (above information from
        John H. Bailey, 1960 yr.)


These pictures were taken in  1997

Front entrance

Front Entrance to the College
[click on this image to see larger version -- 181 KB]

View of College, front

Front View of the College
[click on this image to see larger version -- 125KB]

Williams Hall

Williams Hall

Field from Old Bowling Green

Looking across the field, from the Old Bowling Green

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