Reunion 2004

Four 1960 Year Students and Wives

Four 1960 year students together with their wives. Bottom left is Peter Hindle, then, clockwise, Patricia Hindle, Chris (Hope)-Scarratt, Juliet Hann, Brian Jenkins, Christine Jenkins, Maurice Hann, Judith Scarratt


View of front of College

Another view of front of College


Following is a list of ex-Shoreditch students who were at the reunion
(list courtesy Sue Curley):

1956 Brian Edmondson
1957 James Bracher
        Raymond Hancock
        David Honey
1960 Maurice Hann
        Peter Hindle
        Brian Jenkins
        Christopher Scarratt
1963 Mike Davis
1965 George Asquith
        Alan Bailey
        Ivan Hanson
        Brian Higson
1969 John Gibbs
1970 Colin Smith
1974 Simon Smith
1975 Geoffrey Killen
        Andy McIntyre
1977 Katherine Crisp
        Chris Gabriel
        Roger Gabriel

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