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We hope to gather some interesting news items to include in this page, but we depend on you to supply them. So, if you have something you would like to share with us, please e-mail Jill, and we'll make sure it's included in the next page update.

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November 3, 2023

Andrew Williams, Head of Development and Alumni Relations team at Brunel University London, has given us a link to their website that contains all the information that alumni need at this stage to register for an award:

This link is the same as in their email dated November 1, which was sent to all alumni who have contacted them in this regard.  A copy of this email can be found here.

(Update Jan. 3, 2024 - A message from Stephen Nicholson:  "I'm now directly working with Brunel helping the University connect with our Alumni, assisting members through their registration process, and of course, Brunel's direction, now supersedes all my previous efforts (as seen below).  It's important, we are all now on the same page, supporting one another and our much appreciated Andrew Williams for Brunel, who is doing a fantastic job, coordinating the registration process.  Once registered please cascade the Brunel registration link he's provided to all your alumni colleagues on your contact lists, with instruction for them to do the same.")


We will be sharing any further information that they provide on the awards in this section of our website, so please "watch this space".

Jill and John




October 6, 2023


Subject:  Update regarding Honorary Degrees for our Service to Education  (adendum)


Dear Jill and John,

Both London University, and Brunel University have now replied to my FOIA request, so the information in this letter now supersedes the information contained within my previous correspondence. Herewith the UPDATE !



Future correspondence should now be addressed to the Head of the Brunel Awards Team,

Fiona Allum
Head of Awards, Graduation and Programme Management
Room 109, St Johns Building

with a copy to her department's general in-box


Bottom line, get yourself on Brunel's Shoreditch College Alumni active list, with your current residence and contact details ASAP.  

Crucially, ensure you tick off number three (3) through thirteen (13). Number one (1) and two (2) while helpful, may not be immediately necessary at this stage, but be prepared, as you may well be asked for them later.

It is now imperative (if you haven't done so already), to promptly provide Brunel with the following information, asking for your name to be added to Brunel's list of surviving Shoreditch College Alumni.



1. Photo ID (Passport or Drivers licence)

2. Two (2) official letters indicating your residential address

3. Attach a scanned clear copy of your London University Institute of Education, Shoreditch College Certificate in Education

4. Your student number (if possible). We were all given a 4 digit candidate number that may be found beside our name on the relevant pass list which may be accessed here,

5. Your teacher reference number given to you while in training, and remaining with you throughout your career. It may be found on your teacher pension records (optional)

6. Full name at time of study

7. Date of birth

8. Dates studied

9. Award achieved

10. Year of Cert. Ed certification (qualified teacher status)


Your current contact details

11. Postal / residential address

12. preferred telephone number/s

13. email address/s


If for any reason, you cannot find your Certificate in Education, do not panic. Follow the instructions above (but in full), acting as promptly as you can.


In your letter to Brunel, indicate at number three (3), you cannot locate your copy of your Cert Ed. Follow the instructions provided, including face copy of your passport or driver's licence, and two letters confirming your address. (1. and 2. on the check list above) Make sure you provide permission for Brunel to communicate with University College London ("UCL") Special Archives, and copy the Archives into your request.  As part of its data protection (subject access) duties, UCL may then give Brunel (a third party to the archives in GDPR terms) verification of your academic status. The London University Institute of Education Special Archives at UCL's contact email address, is as follows:  (for verification - data protection issues)  (verification - replacement certificate)


Also (though it may cost something to produce), it should be possible to ask for a duplicate replacement Certificate in Education for your records. Remember, you're not asking Brunel for that replacement Certificate. You are directly asking the Institute of Education Archives at UCL, who should have a process available for you to follow. Any problems encountered in this - please let Steph Nicholson 1973 year know promptly either via WhatsApp, Messenger and/or e-mail at


Remember, an Honorary Degree is a discretionary award, and traditionally one cannot request it for oneself. So how we word our first letter (e-mail) is important. Here is an example for your consideration:


"I write regarding the ongoing discussion about Honorary Degrees for my Shoreditch College of Education / Shoreditch Teachers Training College alumni .

I would ask for my name be added to Brunel's list of surviving Shoreditch College Alumni, and further, I provide explicit permission for whatever personal information as may be necessary, be passed between relevant institutions to complete this process.

I provide the following information" (1 through 13) etc. etc.


With my kind regards,
(your name)




August 7, 2023,  paragraphs 2,3,5 updated August 21, 2023

Subject:  Update:  Rebuilding our Core Academic Awards Record


Dear John and Jill,

Further to my letter in July, we have begun to add to the provision of your own collection of our Alumni core academic data, now apparently lost when Brunel took over our campus between 1980 and selling it on to developers in 2007.

We have now collected from various alumni members, copies of Year Pass Lists (the awards academic data) to complete 1968, 1969, 1970, 1971, 1972, 1973, 1974, 1975, 1976, 1977, 1978, 1980, and 1981.

As a matter now of some urgency, can anyone find at home, in their basement, or attic, or from an immediate alumni friend  any more "extant contemporaneous copy" of our college public awards record (those missing Cert.Ed. pass lists), and provide them in the form of scans and/or legible photographs from 1979, as it is absolutely essential to complete our record for many surviving alumni!

Also, for further completeness, as 1963 year was apparently the first three year Cert Ed Course at Shoreditch College, any of the pass lists from 1963 to 1967 would also be much appreciated.

While London University has recently complied with its FOIA obligation, we are still waiting upon Brunel to answer our basic questions raised, received on 6th July 2023, having now exceeded 20 working days to provide an appropriate response


" 1) whether or not our records still exist as indeed they should, and if they do,

   2) where and under whose authority are they currently being maintained?

   3) and where exactly have they been archived? "


In the meantime we crack on, rebuilding our own core academic awards record, for want of an apparent fair process.

With kind regards and many thanks for posting this important update for all our surviving Alumni members and their families.

With my kind regards,

Stephen John Nicholson, 1973 year.



July 2023

Subject:  Shoreditch College, and Honorary Degree awards for Cert Ed graduates

Dear John and Jill,

My name is Stephen John Nicholson 73 year, and I write on behalf of myself and our Alumni at large, though more specifically the members of our Facebook Group called "Ditch Old Timers" (DOT), with some urgency to request your assistance.

It is the case Brunel University who took over our campus in 1980, as part of a major reorganisation towards a graduate profession, then sold it to developers in 2007.

Of the 26 London colleges of education involved in that reorganization, 19 were absorbed into other universities, and 7 were permanently closed.  London University gave the responsibility for Honorary Degree awards to the absorbing Universities, and has upon its own records, moved to honour the alumni of the colleges it closed. Goldsmiths College was absorbed into Goldsmiths University and their Cert Ed, alumni were awarded Honorary degrees in 2018.

Shoreditch has slipped between the cracks with Brunel claiming London University holds our academic records while London claims the matter of records rests with Brunel.  Brunel has apparently done a search and come up empty handed.  Both Universities were sent an FOI question in response, as follows:

" The Core issue here: Brunel University appears to claim London has all the necessary academic records, while London makes the very same claim towards Brunel. So before we can go any further with this, please establish between yourselves, and by reply certain,

1)  whether or not our records still exist as indeed they should, and if they do,
2)  where and under whose authority are they currently being maintained? 
3)  and where exactly have they been archived? "

There are 434 of us in our Facebook Alumni group.  There are many more out there who need to know they should be receiving an Honorary Degree from Brunel University, and for this to happen, they need to promptly get in touch with Brunel  University, via email to:

With the following information requesting your Alumni's Honorary Degree.

Attach a scanned copy of your London University Institute of Education /Shoreditch College Certificate in Education.

Your student number (if possible). We all were given a 4 digit candidate number. Failing that your teacher reference number you were given while in training, remaining with you on your teacher pension records.

And because of the constraints imposed by GDPR be sure to provide explicit permission for both Universities to discuss your individual case with one another. 

Such as:  "
I hereby grant permission to and for agents of both Brunel University and London University to share and discuss my records with one another in this matter."

I am minded, it is the job of any University / College registrar to keep records and especially with changing technologies, to be able to rebuild them in perpetuity "Forever". 

It seems we may also need to rebuild them for ourselves. 

Is there any way you can help get the word out?

Time now is of the essence.  

Attached please find a photo of some of us drinking coffee on the now repurposed Terrace of what remains of our campus, taken during a reunion on 17th June this year.
Also a picture of me taken in front of the Barley Mow, the day before. 

With kind regards,

Stephen John Nicholson. 73 year (candidate number 6567)

Please reply to soonest. Thanks.




September 14, 2023

I’m sorry to announce the death of John Hutchinson - 6/66.

A great friend with an original and ferocious wit which remained strong through years of battling cancer.

Second main English with Dr.Thomas and the enlightened Mr.? Tobin was second only to the Advanced Wood course with Chick Fowles. John was an exceptional student both in Wood/ Metal but was truly gifted in his love of modern English literature.

A truly well educated teacher and kind friend.

David R Jones,  6/66






Dad and Mum - Peter and Beryl - met there back in 1948/9 when it was an emergency training college 1946-51. My Dad teaching career 1950-88 and my Mum 1950-91. Sadly dad passed Nov 09 and mum this year sept 18. There are photos but I don't know where they are.

It was a beautiful place, same as always sold for housing, goodbye lovely green belt. One day River Thames will reclaim it when the water level rises.

I went to the reunions as a small boy and young adult 1960s to 1980s. dad was secretary and the president of the group. I stopped because of people getting older and people passing away. I met the principle Mr Williams many times during those reunions. It was a lovely location, shame the building 300 homes will change it forever.

David Poulton



Four photos of the 1967 (I think) Volleyball match, arranged by Jim Gunns (Number 9) of the ’68 year 2nd Main PE, versus the Russian Embassy, outside the Gym. The Russians won, but came with plenty of Vodka to help drown our sorrows.

See the photos here.   

Worth remembering that Jim Gunns was “Mr Volleyball UK” in the 60’s and early 70’s. A really vigorous promoter of the game. There weren’t many of his PE lectures which didn’t finish with a game of some sort, but never, thank goodness, beach volleyball!!!

Here goes on names:  9  Jim Gunns; 5 John French; 3 Steve Brown; 1 John Reynolds ?; 12 Bob Reese.

On the picture when we are on the far side of the net:  far left is Roy Jones.  

Serving is me.

The other picture with Bob Reese 12:  is me volleying and Steve Brown.

“Revising”:   back left, Alan Slaney, front left Terry Smith, very front John Reynolds, I think Micheal “Smiler” Parkinson is on the big bed cover in the middle. Can’t remember the rest.


Hi John,

Just dug out another pic.

This is Ditch 3rd team after winning the league, cup final. 9/03/68. The names are not in order, and there are a few guesses here, but here goes. Back L to R; Paul Sones, Allan Reeling, John Barber, Phil Buckle?, Steve Raper?, Les Goddard.

Front L to R; Peter Rugman, Arthur Jones, John Mellore?, Martin Lancaster?, Dick Venmore.



Allan Reeling 154-68


Hi Jill - I remember Ray Picton very well when he was the energetic and successful social secretary during my years at the 'Ditch' 59/60.

I played trumpet in the college band known as the Shufflers who were led by the charismatic, chain smoking and urbane pianist Hugh Davis. We played regularly at college dances, arranged by Ray and Hugh on Sunday evenings in the main hall. We also played at other gigs locally and other colleges. I remember being grateful to earn some extra money to supplement my £28 a term grant.

On one of our occasional raids to Holloway College very late at night I played the Last Post to Queen Victoria in the quad there, and I believe we recovered our of our college mascots  - a Michelin Man decorated in our colours.

Other members of the band were Terry Lewis, a fine tenor player, Dave Mottram on drums and Brian Tetlow on bass. Occasionally we were joined by the Odd Five skiffle group. The college social and sporting life was brilliant, and much of this was down to Ray's enthusiasm and exhuberance. I attach a rather grainy photo of the band. Happy days.

Dave (Dai) Roberts  


Peter Townsend  has kindly provided several photographs.

First Year 1952/3 photo here:


This photo is of Hut F, 1952/1953

Inmates of Hut F, 1952/53



Badminton Club 1953-4 ..... I am there, third in from the left, back row.


April 2018

Hi Jill,

I have come across some of my college pictures.

Student Union Executive 1959

Student Union Executive 1959

student union executive list of names


All the best,

Ray Picton (1960)


January 2018

Does anyone have any information, or to have witnessed the band Queen playing a concert at the Shoreditch College of Education in December 1970, or at any other time that I don’t know about?

Please contact Gary at  or 07944435883.

Many thanks,

Gary Taylor


November 2017

Hi Jill,

Great to see the Ditch website is up and running again. Well done!

Attached is a photo of a small group of us from 68 year having lunch in Marlow. From the left going clockwise --- Barry (Moo) Taylor, Viv Williams, Bob (Hank) Woolridge, John (Sandy) Saunders, Tim Watson.

5 Old Fat Blokes

Five Old Fat Blokes Empty a Pub

We meet up once a year or so for lunch and would welcome anyone from 68 year who would like to join us. Probably the easiest contact is myself at .

Many thanks,

Kind regards,

Tim Watson 190/68


June 2017

Dear Jill,

I was not a student or a member of staff at the college but my great aunt Dr Gillian Primrose Collins was. Unfortunately she died at the beginning of the month and I was wondering two things: if you have any information about her time at the college as teacher from 1978-1980, or if you knew my great aunt or know any ex-students or members of staff who knew her, if so, you could please inform them of her death and to pass them onto me regarding funeral arrangements or alternative options.

My great aunt spent the last 2 years of her life in Alexander house which is a care home near to where she used to live at 19 Park Sheen, Derby Road, SW14-7DR.

You can contact me by email at  

I hope you can help me in these matters.

Kind regards,

Jasmine Benham



Dear Jill,

Why have I not found the Shoreditch web-site before?

My name is Raymond (Ray) Picton and I attended Shoreditch from 1959/60 plus the Supplementary year 1961. My name is not in the 1960 list although I was the Social Secretary that year! I knew Ted Marshall didn’t like me – but not that much !

I will dig through my “stuff” and see what I can find to enhance your history of the College.

On leaving Shoreditch I taught at Doncaster Technical Grammar School for boys, then emigrated to Canada teaching on an Indian Reserve in Northern Alberta. I married and moved to Windermere, in British Columbia, teaching at the David Thompson High School.  We went on exchange to Australia and taught in Perth, returning to Canada only to have been bitten by the travel bug again, and I ended my teaching career as a lecturer at the University of Papua New Guinea.

I am delighted to make this contact with you.

Every Good wish,

Ray Picton



March 2017

You may wish to know that Betty Mayock, wife of Brian had passed away. Brian lectured Technical Drawing in the 1960-70's.


Dennis Croome 67 year



Hello John,

Re:  John Mortimore

Some alumni who were at college with him may be interested to learn that John Mortimore who played 279 games as Chelsea's centre half from 1956-1965 went into management starting with Ethnikos, then the famous Benfica when they won the Portugese league twice. Later John became joint coach with Southampton. There is lots more about John, a very modest man I must add, on the web. Wikipedia has a detailed summary of his career.

Sincerely Dennis

Dennis Keam,   57 to 60 (supplementary year).



Hello John,

I am Peter Burrows, 1966 year. I was Secretary and President of The Shoreditch Society; formerly Shoreditch College Club in the 70's and 80's.

I am writing a sort of autobiography and wonder if you can give me some more precise details than my memory can recall.

The 1966 year may be distinguished in that we never had a 'Exhibition' which was usually quite a grand affair when final year men's work was displayed in the hall and the College was open to visitors.  

The College Club usually held their AGM on the Sunday.

Shortly after our final examinations were complete and after the famous final job night was over in May 1966 there was a serious outbreak of Salmonella food poisoning. Several men were hospitalised and I remember the night patrols of the corridors checking for men collapsed in their rooms. On the morning after, the College closed and we all went home.

Apparently the cause was a carrier, a cook.

Do you have any record of this?

I know it was in the National papers but have not been able to find it on line (and am too lazy to go searching micro-fiche in our central library!)

Thank you for all your efforts keeping the Shoreditch name going.

I often wonder how much more successful the Shoreditch Society would have been if we had had e-mail in the 70's when everything was done by Gestetner and Royal Mail!

Hope to hear from you.

Peter Burrows, 1966



News from 68 Year

On Tuesday 5th May four of the boys from 68 year met at the Pant yr Ochain Hotel, Wrexham. All four Roy Jones of Vancouver Island Canada, Tony Williams (Wrexham), Richard Felton  (Kidderminster) and Tom Durnin (Nuneaton) are now retired, the later three following successful careers in education, while Roy has pursued a career in Social work in Canada. It was what is hoped to be a regular visit for Roy who being a stalwart of the Shoreditch Football squad is now waiting impatiently to make his debut in the over 70’s league in Vancouver. During his visit Roy climbed Snowdon, Sca Fell and Ben Nevis.

Richard Felton




July 31   

Re:  Graham Gregory

Dear All.

It is my sad duty to inform you that my good friend and member of STC 69yr died yesterday following a heart attack while out running with friends on Monday evening.

I have no other details at the moment. (see below)

Best Wishes ,

Ed Thompson


August 5   

Dear All.

Graham's funeral will be held on Thursday 14th August at St Marys Church Woodchester (Near Stroud Gloucs ) at 1.00pm,and afterwards at the Amberley Inn.

As Graham was known for his love of tropical shirts dress code will reflect this (Hawaian shirts ) and the colours of Minchinhampton Rugby Club,green blue and white.

No flowers as Graham would have rather planted vegetables in his garden.

Best Wishes to you all,




June 2014    

Hi John
I have recently obtained a badge for the college and thought that one of your contributors may be interested in acquiring it from me. Pictures are attached and I can be contacted on this email address at any time by anyone who wants more information.

Shoreditch badge Shoreditch badge back


Shoreditch badge size comparison

Brian Hollowood



Tom Reddy 1918-2013

It is with regret I have to report that Tom Ready passed away during the early hours of Friday 27th December at St. Peter’s Hospital, Chertsey. He had spent Christmas day with his family and thoroughly enjoyed himself with his grandchildren and great grandchild.

I knew him during my time at Shoreditch (69-72) as Mr Ready but was fortunate enough to meet him in more recent years as Tom, although by this time he was in senior years he was always as bright as a button and amazed me when we often got talking over dinner. He will be missed and many of the ex-students will remember him with affection.

Julian Harber (72yr)


    40th REUNION FOR 74YR.


Fresh from the roaring sucess of the 72YR 40th Reunion held last September in Windsor, Peter Hadley and I, Sally Priddy (nee Banks) are organising a 40th Reunion for 74yr to be held sometime next year.

We would be very grateful if you could add our contact details to the Shoreditch College Site and hope that anyone from 74yr who sees them will get in touch with one of us.

If anyone seeing this is in 2 minds about attending a reunion - don't our experience reunions are really interesting with loads of laughs!   

We are also inviting anyone from 72, 73 & 75 yrs.  who would like to attend.

Our emails are:  and  

Please 74yr wherever you are....get in touch!!!!

Sally Priddy.

Bookings & Events Manager
The Dunster Tithe Barn
Priory Green
Tel: 01643 821658.        Mob: 0777 3333 014


Good afternoon Jill        

I hope it may be possible to post a little notice on the Shoreditch website. I am looking/searching for photographs and/or even better cine footage of the Shoreditch student life between the years 1963-'67, photos of student exhibitions, if possible footage of the students working on their pieces. I am also looking for information, photos and cine footage of one student in particular at that time Neal (Victor) McGregor, he had a hand in making a student film at the time. Even photos and video of the parties in student digs and fundraisers like Willybobs week.

If anyone from those years might have some of these hidden in their attics please contact me on my email address:

Kind regards

Ann Kiernan  


February 2012    

Many of you will, I am sure, be interested to know about and to explore a new website based on a comprehensive panoramic photographic tour of the Cooper's Hill/Runnymede Campus:  

This website has been created by Tom Hostler, a former Brunel student, who has spent hours photographing the campus in great detail using equipment enabling him to capture 360 degree views, and he has also done a tremendous job of work putting it all together in a website, as much for Shoreditch as for Brunel folk. If you have time, do take a look - it's well worth it.

John Williams


Furniture Today 3 Premier Screening March 15

1 min Furniture Today 3 screening premiere advert:
3 min trailer for Furniture Today 3 DVD(s):

January 2012

Dear John
A couple of items of news you may be interested in including on the Shoreditch College website: 

1) An article I wrote for RSA Comment called 'The Practical Arts in Education and Society' :  

2) I have just completed a DVD called 'Furniture Today Part 3'. Details at:  

3) my updated website is

Jeremy Broun, 1966 Year


April, 2011   

My name is Michelle Morgan and I am an author, based in Northamptonshire.  My last book, 'Marilyn Monroe: Private and Undisclosed' was published to very positive reviews in 2007 and I'm happy to say that it will be published as a revised paperback edition next year. 

As well as that, there is also an opportunity of me being involved with a documentary about Marilyn's trip to England.  At the moment I am working hard to find people who saw Marilyn even for the briefest moments, to appear on camera and recall their memories - however small. 

It is with this in mind that I am emailing you today, as I would love to interview any of the Shoreditch students who serenaded Marilyn while she was staying at Parkside House in Englefield Green in 1956.  If anyone has any information I would love to hear from them. 

Thanks so much and I hope to hear from you soon. 

Kind regards 



February 2011  


I hope you are both still picking up emails etc., from the Shoreditch website you set up? 

I have been in touch before, because I was hoping to go to the last farewell tour but in the end I couldn’t make it. My name is Derek Griffiths and I was in 80 year, I am now a VP at an Academy in the North East of England. 

Anyway, the reason I am sending this email is because I was watching a movie about Ian Dury last night called “Sex and Drugs and Rock’n’Roll” on Sky Movies.   It is an excellent, if somewhat disturbing movie, with Andy Serkis playing Ian Dury.

I don’t know if you know of this film  but I was taken aback when suddenly the old mansion house (President Hall etc.) of Shoreditch appeared on the screen.  A good chunk of the movie is shot on location at Coopers Hill Lane (or as it more recently known, Brunel University, Runnymede Campus, Englefield Green. still sounds wrong!).  I think it was filmed in 2009, after the site was sold.

Derek Griffiths, 80 year



September 12, 2009 - 69 Year  40th Anniversary Reunion

1969 Reunion photograph


Left to right:

Derek Giles. Dave Field. Bruce Gregory. Ed Thompson. Alan Rees (Lecturer). Fred Lewis. Derek Hall. Ted Cooke. Graham Gregory.
Danny Philips. Colin Turner. John Cordory. Pete Dicker. Joe Dobson. Alan Goodridge (68yr). Roger Williams.

"It all started off as an idea over a couple of pints in the pub back in February this year.

Graham Gregory and I were discussing the fact that it was 40 years since we left Ditch to start our careers in education. What about a reunion I suggested. “Fine” said Graham, “I’m working, you're retired you sort it.”

So it began. I had 2 email addresses and one phone number of people we were still in touch with plus an old pass list and a connection to Friends Reunited.

I found the college web site and the fact that Brunel University still has an archive section based on the old Shoreditch campus which is now in the hands of developers.

The first reunion message went out in April and a number of people said that they were interested and to keep in touch regarding details.

A date was set for September 12th and a programme put together incorporating accommodation at Royal Holloway College, lunch at The Holly Tree pub in Englefield Green, a visit to the archives and an evening meal in an Italian Restaurant in Egham.

Messages were sent out individually through Friends Reunited and the number of email addresses grew. Eventually people committed to the day and final details were sent out.

We met in a coffee bar in Holloway College and then set off for The Holly Tree who had been briefed to expect us. Over drinks and bar meals many stories were recounted memories shared and laughed over.

At the appointed time we made our way to the library where the archives are kept to be met by Phaedra and Mandy who had opened up on a Saturday afternoon especially for our visit. They showed us the exhibits already there and some of the group had taken photos, newspaper articles college ties and other memorabilia relating to our time at Shoreditch to be added to the collection.

We then spent a little time looking at the sad state the campus has become, but also reminiscing over the great time we spent there.

Tea and associated drinks were taken in The Barley Mow before we checked into our rooms at Holloway. A quick change and off to pre dinner drinks in the Founders Building bar where a conference of acupuncturists were giving out complementary wine in the quadrangle !!!!

It took quite a while to drag everyone off to the restaurant where we had an enjoyable meal. On returning to Holloway we joined the conference delegates in their social event, a dance in the marquee. It quite took me back 40 years just seeing that some of the guys had not lost their talents for socialising……

In all we had 15 ex students, 7 partners and 1 lecturer (Alan Rees) attending for all or part of the day.

Derek Giles travelled the farthest from Canada and others from far and wide in England. Many apologies were received and it was a pity more could not have attended.

Occupations now range from teachers, jewellers, guest house owners, postmen, plumbers, consultants, people running their own woodworking businesses, ministers of religion, business entrepreneurs and the great retired.

My thanks go to Jill Sandwell and John Williams (STC website), Kay Rolf (R.H.College), Sue Curley (Brunel University), Phaedra Casey and Mandy (Archives at S.T.C.)

If anyone who was not present would like to contact old friends, I may have contact details for you so please email me:

Many thanks to those who attended. Keep in touch. Who knows we may meet again in years to come."   
Ed Thompson


Ed Thompson & Jan Baker
Leighton(Fred) & Yvonne Lewis
Pete & Buff Dicker
Joe & June Dobson
Derek Giles
Bruce Gregory
Ted Cooke
Alan Goodridge

Graham & Karen Gregory
Danny & Collette Philips
John & Gwen Cordory
Derek Hall
Dave Field
Roger Williams
Colin Turner
Alan Rees (lecturer)



March 2009   

Hello Jill,
I have only just come across your website on Shoreditch College, which gave a trip down memory lane, but was sad to note that this wonderful location and its history is now destined to be a housing development. I was a student from '57-'60 when first year students were housed in 'the huts' (nissen huts, before the new buildings). There were, I think, four or five of them but I have seen no photographs. When moving house recently I came across the attached lino-cut which may help some to recall our accommodation. The stool, in construction, on top of the wardrobe was a first year project, I remember.

Best wishes for your work,
Byron Thomas.


Photo of Huts



image:  lino-cut - nissen hut interior



August 2008 

Brunel University Archives department has been working on an HLF funded project for several years now, to catalogue and promote some of its collections through a new website called Heritage Builds Bridges.  One of the collections selected was the archives of Shoreditch College, the catalogue for which can now be accessed on the following website.

Phaedra Casey, Archivist      email:

more information below



September 2007  updated

(an extract from an email recently sent to John from Neville Webb)

Dear John

Many thanks John for your email ... attached is a short article describing the Radio Telescope Project undertaken at Shoreditch College, Egham Hill campus between 1961 and 1963.
As a project that began as an idea of the Lecturer in the Rural Studies Department, the Radio Telescope project was maybe a little ahead of its time.  However, with the changes in focus of the College and in the school in terms of Technology and design based curricula perhaps the project was looking ahead in some ways.
Best regards,
Neville Webb  (1961-64)
Mount Pearl, Newfoundland, Canada
neville webb <>

 Radio Telescope Project    ( open in PDF format )

 Radio Telescope Project    ( open in MS Word .doc format )



The Shoreditch College Archives are currently being catalogued as part of the Heritage Lottery Funded 'Heritage Builds Bridges Project'. The archival and museum catalogues of Brunel University, the British & Foreign School Society, and the London Borough of Hillingdon will be available and searchable online at from September 2007, and a promotional website will be launched on 17th October to advertise this.

The Shoreditch Collection is housed in Brunel University's Archive & Records Centre, which has been opened for visits by appointment at the Runnymede Campus in the former Library building (now named the Haywood Building). Cataloguing is progressing and we would like to recruit volunteers to assist with the photographic collection. Many of the photographs lack dates and individuals are often unidentified. Other volunteering opportunities exist with the BFSS and Maria Grey College collections. Volunteers' travel expenses will be paid.

We can be contacted in the following ways:
01784 436111

Address:  Archive & Records Centre, Haywood Building, Brunel University,
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In the process of cataloguing, some questions have arisen. If anybody knows the answers, please get in touch!

Who was Bradley, after whom one of the halls of residence was named?
Why are there records of a 1960s boat house on the Isle of Wight in the collection?
For whom were the mulberry trees adjacent to the Haywood Building planted?

Any donations to the collection would be gratefully received and would be catalogued for inclusion in the Heritage Builds Bridges Project.

Cataloguing Archivist (Shoreditch Collection):
Phaedra Casey   email:




July 2006

Dear Jill,

I have managed to find a photo taken at the College Christmas Dinner in December 1978, featuring Joe Clements, who was Principal Lecturer for Education during the 1970s at Shoreditch. Many students are sure to remember some of the formal dinner occasions when, after several glasses of wine, Joe would be asked to lead the assembled gathering in some community singing, to his renowned rendition of the French folk song "Alouetta".

This particular song is often used in primary schools to help children learn the names of certain body parts in French. Joe's version was a little more colourful and helped students learn the French for other body parts, which teachers in schools were too afraid to use!!!

Chris Salt - 1979 Year



February 2006

Dear John

As I am an ex student of Shoreditch (66 year) I wonder if you would like to include these two news items :

I have been given The Woodworker of the Year 2005 Award (Professional category) by The Woodworker magazine, winning £2,000 worth of power tools from RYOBI UK.

This is for an innovative digital home jukebox I have designed and made in wood using solid maple and touch screen computer technology. It is at the cutting edge of innovative British design.

Details of the design can be viewed (short video clip) on (news page)

Furniture Today DVDs (Part one & part two)

Two years' work in completing a 106 minute multi media presentation on two DVDs including over 800 topic reference, 400 + images, 14 video clips and 23 illustrations.

For full details visit

The DVDs can be purchased from Jez Broun directly at PO box 658 Bath BA1 6ED.
Please include cheque for £19.95 per DVD inc. P & P.

Jez Broun - 1966 year

email:    "Jez Broun" <>


November 2005

Dear John,

Its great to see the way this site has developed over recent years. Thank you to you and Jill for the time and effort you have gone to. I am hoping to track down some staff photos taken in the 60s and will send them when I've located them.

In the mean time I have two pictures you may be interested in ... the first one is in the College Chapel for the Valedictory in 1978, when Elton John stepped in at short notice when the main band had to cancel at the last minute. I also attach an article in the New Musical Express which featured the event in May 1978.

With best wishes

Chris Salt - 1979 Year

The article above appeared in the New Musical Express, May 1978




June 14, 2004

Hello Jill,
Just a note to say how much I enjoyed the reunion at Shoreditch on 13th June. I'm sorry that you were not in England to share in the occasion, but delighted that your brother John introduced himself to me and to others from the 1960 year.

I thought you might like the
enclosed pictures which were taken on the day.

There are two pictures of the college grounds. The third picture is one of four 1960 year students together with their wives. Bottom left is Peter Hindle, then, clockwise, Patricia Hindle, Chris (Hope)-Scarratt, Juliet Hann, Brian Jenkins, Christine Jenkins, Maurice Hann, Judith Scarratt.

I think ex-'ditch students might be interested to log on to Peter Hindle's site at

On behalf of all who had such a good day, thanks to Sue Curley at Brunel!

Kind regards

Maurice Hann (1960)


There is a list of ex-Shoreditch students who were at the reunion on the 
Reunion 2004 page



Following is an email received recently from Good Thinking ~

Hi —

I'm writing on behalf of the students organisiing the 2004 Brunel Design Show, entitled "Good Thinking", and being held from 13-15 June 2004 (Sunday 13 coinciding with the Reunion, as mentioned on your very interesting website). As it is likely to be the last show at Runnymede, with the most graduating students ever (135+), we're all determined to make it the best, most welcoming and highest profile Brunel show ever. We have Brunel's PR company working with us, so (hopefully) there will be significant levels of media interest and attention, for what is still a unique establishment in design education. At present we are concentrating on trying to raise money to put on the show and produce the directory, through sponsorship and advertising, together with students' contributions.

If you could mention Good Thinking as something to which all Shoreditch alumni are invited, and would be very welcome, on your site, and a link to our website, <.... snip> we'd be very grateful. Anyone who would like to pre-order a copy of the directory is very welcome to contact us and we will put you on the list.

Many current students here feel just as much an attachment to the campus as the Shoreditch students must have done; the feeling that this is a special place is extremely prevalent, although the move to Uxbridge will undoubtedly save Brunel a lot of overheads and allow for a more integrated Engineering/Design/Technology school.

Finally, I've attached a couple of photos taken just this week during the snow.

Thanks and best wishes

Dan Lockton
on behalf of the Good Thinking team 07813 302813
Brunel University, Cooper's Hill, Englefield Green, Surrey TW20 0JZ

March 2004

Hi Jill

I contacted you last year and told you that I hoped to set up a re-union for students of the old Shoreditch College (1952-55). The original date was to be 2004 but this has proved impossible as I am, at the tender age of 73, still at University of Wales Swansea, trying to complete a Masters' Degree. I did think I would have finished last year but that did not happen.

However, I would like to try to arrange a meeting of some description for the year 2005. We live at an age of uncertainty and can only hope that our fellow students of bye-gone days are still with us and are able to attend such a function. I am still in contact with a number of people who are extremely active and are looking forward to meeting up with old friends once again.

Ron Morris


Verity Parker, currently at Brunel Runnymede Campus, is hoping to gather together a collection of photographs from around the campus.


She would like your input -- how many people would be interested in:

If anyone has any images that they feel everyone might be interested in, please contact Verity. She would like to make them a collection of cards as this would make distribution easier.


Verity Parker
Cleaner Electronics Research
Brunel University





Does anybody remember the building of the replacement capstan for HMS Foudroyant?


capstan 1 gif

 copyright © photo courtesy Bryan Mawer

capstan 2 gif

copyright © photo courtesy Bryan Mawer


capstan 3 gif

copyright © photo courtesy Bryan Mawer




JB in JZR 3-wheeler, 1999


JB's 1937 Morgan 3-wheeler at 'ditch, 1966  





May 19, 1999
As Derek Kersley's second wife, I am responding to your internet communication. Derek died of cancer in November 1985.

After teaching in England, Derek and his first wife and two sons immigrated to Ontario, Canada. He taught art at a high school there before moving to Truro, Nova Scotia, to teach art methods at the Teachers College for 7 years. During this time he developed an artist's awareness of the Nova Scotian landscape and painted it with skill and pleasure. His awareness and perceptiveness extended to his students, his colleagues, his rugby team, and other friends as well.

Derek and Pat returned to England in 1976 where he taught at a comprehensive school. Pat unfortunately died of cancer within a year of their return. Derek returned to Canada shortly after her death.

I remember Derek as a wonderful man - intelligent, sensitive, creative, thoughtful, supportive of students, spiritual, appreciative, a superb story-teller, perceptive, and, on a lighter side, a man with a fine sense of humour. I appreciate your mention of his thank you letter; it verifies my description of him and adds to my own memories of him.

Ruth Saeman (Kersley)

21 May 1999

Hi John

Just stumbled across your `Ditch site. Very interesting. I'm from `79 year at Coopers Hill so have no overlap with your father, thought we did have lectures in Williams Hall in the first year.

I spent most of my time making jewellery (tho the course was officially more silversmithing oriented -  and went on to Sir John Cass School of Art at Aldgate to do more jewellery (strangely just around the corner from the real Shoreditch).

I taught craft for only three years all told, hated teaching but loved the workshop. Ideal training for a 15 year spell in computers! Most recently doing drug databases for the pharmaceutical society (see and will be at a medical intranet conference at John Radcliffe next week.

Meanwhile, I've had enough of computers, so I'm going back to silver - - this very much first draft site is not yet released, I'm getting some proper photographs taken next week. The workshop is semi set up and in addition to the stuff on the web site I have a teapot, chalice and several spoon/ladle things. It is great to be back at the bench.

The guy who taught me woodwork at A level (in Rugby) was Andrew Varah, the finest craftsman I have had the pleasure to work for and with. He now makes one off pieces - see
. Andy was about 66 or 67 year - I'll ask him.

I had a fantastic time at Shoreditch. The opportunity to spend all day in the workshop, mixing with 400 like minded people, and all in a fantastic setting. And cheap beer. Bliss. I spent most of my third year buying silver and tools to the value of my entire grant, making jewellery, selling to students and staff, buying more silver... happy days.

If you are trying to build a general directory of people and where they are now, I'm happy to add a few names from 78 and 79 year.

Thank you for the site and keep up the good work.

         Barry Thomas   (1979)

_____[ Barry Thomas, Quartet Software Ltd ]_______________
email:               voice: +44 1335 370 655
web:          fax: +44 1335 370 668



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