Four photos of the 1967 (I think) Volleyball match, arranged by Jim Gunns (Number 9) of the ’68 year 2nd Main PE,
versus the Russian Embassy, outside the Gym.
The Russians won, but came with plenty of Vodka to help drown our sorrows

9  Jim Gunns; 5 John French; 3 Steve Brown; 1 John Reynolds ?; 12 Bob Reese

On the picture when we are on the far side of the net; far left is Roy Jones.

Serving is me.

The other picture with Bob Reese 12; is me volleying and Steve Brown.



Intense '68 year revision in the sun

back left, Alan Slaney, front left Terry Smith, very front John Reynolds, I think Micheal “Smiler” Parkinson is on the big bed cover in the middle. Can’t remember the rest.


This is Ditch 3rd team after winning the league, cup final. 9/03/68. The names are not in order, and there are a few guesses here, but here goes.
Back L to R; Paul Sones, Allan Reeling, John Barber, Phil Buckle?, Steve Raper?, Les Goddard.
Front L to R; Peter Rugman, Arthur Jones, John Mellore?, Martin Lancaster?, Dick Venmore.





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