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I attach six pictures from about a dozen or so that survive. There must have been lots more, but I donn`t know what happened to the negs.

Pic. 1  Front of the College in all its glory.

Pic. 2  This was on a trip organised by Mr. Tuckett to the Tate Gallery. He was meeting us there but someone managed to persuade the driver to stop a little further down the road and quite a large number of the party had escaped by the time he arrived on the scene. I wish I had taken a shot of what (or who) they were all looking at. Left to right, Meurig Hughes, Dave Tomkins, George Compton, Trefor Gibbons and Gerald (Ged) Friday.

Pic. 3  I was keen on cycling in those days and joined a local club, Feltham Road Club, to ride time trials and once on the track at Reading. What a fine view and entrance it was to the college before the accommodation blocks were built.

Pic. 4  Shows the back of the huts quite well. Left to right, Adrian Benham, ( I think ) John Bailey and Derek Bailey, always known as" Bailey Dee". All hut A, 1960 year.

Pic. 5  A famous moment in Shoreditch sporting history, but I need help with details. I believe in 1957 year there was quite a well known footballer who played for Chelsea. During the 1959 season he brought a team from Chelsea to play against the College. Chelsea may have won about 3-1, but the Shoreditch goalkeeper saved a penalty seen here.

Pic. 6  One morning we went to assembly to find a marquee had been erected inside, I wonder who did that?


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