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After the Goodbye Tour

The Trees and Grounds


Photographs of the magnificent trees and grounds at Coopers Hill, taken at the time of the Goodbye Tour (Sept. 2007).  It's amazing how large some of these trees have grown over the years!    (photos taken by John Williams)

Blue cedar nr Chapel (Small).jpg
Blue Cedar nr. Chapel 

Blue cedar nr Scrivens Hall (Small).jpg
Blue Cedar nr. Scrivens Hall

Cedar 1 (Small).jpg

Cedar 2 (Small).jpg

Cedar front lawn (Small).jpg
Cedar, front lawn 

Cedar front lawn 2 (Small).jpg
Cedar, front lawn

Chile pine (Small).jpg
Chile Pine

Front lawn (Small).jpg
Front Lawn

Front lawn 2 (Small).jpg
Front Lawn

Giant redwood (Small).jpg
Giant Redwood

Giant redwood 2 (Small).jpg
Giant Redwood

Metasequoia (Small).jpg

Metasequoia 2 (Small).jpg

Nr Williams Hall (Small).jpg
Nr. Williams Hall

Oak nr Haywood building (Small).jpg
Oak nr. Haywood Building

Old cedar nr Pillar Hall (Small).jpg
Old Cedar near
Pillar Hall

Old cedar nr Pillar Hall 2 (Small).jpg
Old Cedar near
Pillar Hall

Query another giant redwood (Small).jpg
Giant Redwood?

Query giant redwood & Metasequoia (Small).jpg
Giant Redwood?
and Metasequoia

Rear of President bldg (Small).jpg
Rear of
President Building

Top field (Small).jpg
Top Field

Tree 1 (Small).jpg

Turkey oak (Small).jpg
Turkey Oak

Turkey oak nr new gym (Small).jpg
Turkey Oak nr. New Gym

Weeping beech nr Chapel (Small).jpg
Weeping Beech nr. Chapel