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Memorial Lectern

Memorial Lectern
Designed & constructed at the College in memory of students killed in the First & Second World Wars.
It was made of oak(?), and at one stage was located in the Chapel.

According to the February 1949 issue of The Column, the Lectern was made by C.A. Moscrop.
It was designed in collaboration with R.A. Williams and was constructed between February and June 1948.
The lettering and the College crest were executed by Jose Alberdi.

(the information in the second paragraph is from Helen Betteridge, Assistant Archivist, Heritage Builds Bridges Project)


College shield on lectern          Inscription on lectern
above left:   College shield on lectern
above right:   Student casualties in two World Wars



Student casualties

15 Students killed in World War II



These ex-Shoreditch Students were killed in action

1939 - 1945

D.R. Fair
R.H. Fleury RM
W.A. Fullerton DFM
N.F. Grove
T.A. Hamilton
R.N. Jones
R.G. Mockeridge
R. Paisley
K.A. Partridge
J.R. Purton
R.M. Quarendon
D.S. Rastall
A.A.C. Shaddick
F.M. Smith
S.J. Smith
R.O. Tipple
L.E.V. Webb
A.M. Willis



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