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Ted Marshall   (74K)

"Sam" Bowden   (46K)

John Clapham   (39K)

Group Photograph, taken on the occasion of "Scriv's" retirement   (149K)

Standing from left to right-

Charlie Meads, taught Geography at Pitfield St.
Fred Giles, early Pupil Teacher and, as a lecturer, one of the founders of the
     College's reputation for fine craftmanship
A.G. "Scriv" Scrivens
Richard Behetts
, member of the old day school staff

Seated from left to right-

Alfred Carr, "perhaps the greatest master craftsman" of the early days of the college
Percy Wells, author and teacher of design of nationwide influence
Andrew Rowan, co-founder of the College with James Boorman
Alfred Shirley, a great metal worker and author


Group from 1909   (14K)

Can anyone identify him for us ?   (8K)



John Daniel

A.G. Charles

John Clapham

Bob Williams


Cartoon  --  Mr. Giles (this suggestion from Cyril Crawley who points out the "Teas" sign as a clue)

Cartoon  --  Mr. Lumley, Woodwork Lecturer (suggested by Cyril Crawley, 1944-46)

Cartoon  --  Mr. Shepherd, Art Lecturer (thanks to Tom McCall for this information)

Cartoon  -- "Round at Fred's New Joint"   (from STC Magazine)


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