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Have you lost touch with an old friend or colleague?

If you would like to try to contact a former member of staff or student of Shoreditch, please e-mail the following information to  jill.sandwell@rogers.com    I will include the request in the next revision of this page.

Bullet  the name of the person you are trying to find
Bullet  the approximate years he/she was at Shoreditch
Bullet  his/her last known address
Bullet  your name
Bullet  your mailing address (optional)
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Bullet  please include "Lost Touch" in the subject header so I will know to include your message
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Is someone trying to find you?   Please take a moment to check below



Hi Jill, 

I was at Shoreditch from '65 to '68 in group 14 and have many happy memories of the place, although most of them are something less than educational and more closely related to institutions like The Barley Mow and Happy Man! I still call in at The Man for lunch occasionally to break my journey from the south coast to north London.

I've attached a photo of my final job, the coffee set, with Viv Williams coffee pot alongside and hope the definition is good enough to include on your site.

Rob Woolridge is trying to organise a 50th reunion of the year we started at Ditch for those members of group 14, and I'll happily forward any correspondence to him. I expect most of the guys will remember Rob as "Hank" due to his amazing ability to play a guitar in the style of Hank Marvin! 

Coffee Set - Tim Watson and Viv Williams

Kind regards 

Tim Watson 190/68




I was an Art student at Shoreditch College '75 to '78.

I spent 2 years on Reed 400.   I am happy for you to pass on my email address to anyone who went to 'Ditch.

Peter Smith



Hello Jill,   

Sorry I did not get back to you sooner as I was following the election campaigning. It is all over for now.

I was watching the live telecast of the various sports events of the London 2012 Olympics last year. This brought back fond memories of my one year stay in STC where I represented the college in hockey, badminton, cricket and table tennis. I was awarded College Colours for the first three games mentioned.

I found the college website on the internet and read  through all its content. So I started sending you a number of emails which failed to reach you. I sent two emails to your brother and these got to him.

The names of the five Malaysians are Woo Kok Keong, Tan Bian Tong, Ho Lim Cheng, Satish Chand Bandari and Oi Pi Tek.The first passed away in 2010 and the second passed away in 2011. The third is living Penang, the forth in Ipoh and I am in Kuala Lumpur.

1 Yr. Handicraft Supp. Course 1955/56

Please put our names in the college website and hope those in the 1955/56 Supplementary Handicraft Course do recollect the five Malaysians.

Malaysian Students

From left to right: Oi Pi Tek, Satish Chand Bandari,
Ho Lim Cheng, Woo Kok Keong, Tan Bian Tong.

Bye for now.
Oi Pi Tek

oi.peter oi.peter@ymail.com  



Roy Duncan (SU President 1969 / 1970); Steve Redmond (SU Vice-Pesident 69/70) and Alan Dennis (SU Treasurer 69 / 70) are at our regular get-together. We would love to hear of the whereabouts of Adrian Moore, Barry McQuillen and any other people we know.

We are in contact with Dave Edwards, Alby Dellar and Spike Helson.

Contact adennis200@aol.com


Alan Dennis

Dear Jill,   

Thanks for putting up the site - I have just found it and is very interesting and revived many memories.  I was there 1960-3 and have completely lost touch with my friend Alun Roberts who was Welsh but brought up in Chessington Surrey.   He married a friend of mine from before College, Jan Eldridge, but I know they divorced.  He went into property management at some stage having left teaching.  I would appreciate it if you could post his name and details.  It would be good to see him again


David Cavill    davidcavill@btconnect.com        www.davidcavill.co.uk

(does anyone have a contact address for Alun Roberts?  Jill)

Hi Jill and John!    


Fresh from the roaring sucess of the 72YR 40th Reunion held last September in Windsor, Peter Hadley and I, Sally Priddy (nee Banks) are organising a 40th Reunion for 74yr to be held sometime next year.

We would be very grateful if you could add our contact details to the Shoreditch College Site and hope that anyone from 74yr who sees them will get in touch with one of us.

If anyone seeing this is in 2 minds about attending a reunion - don't be......in our experience reunions are really interesting with loads of laughs!   

We are also inviting anyone from 72, 73 & 75 yrs.  who would like to attend.

Our emails are:    sallylou2002@hotmail.com  and  pjh@hadley7.orangehome.co.uk  

Please 74yr wherever you are....get in touch!!!!

Sally Priddy.

Bookings & Events Manager
The Dunster Tithe Barn
Priory Green
Tel: 01643 821658.        Mob: 0777 3333 014


William (Bill) Slessor here.

I was at Shoreditch in 1960 when the movie ‘A French mistress’ was being filmed. A  group photograph is shown on the site with a request for names. I am the third from the left. I’m also the guy involved with rebuilding of the pipe organ into the College chapel. I was also secretary of the Music Society. (I have photos of the organ if they are of any interest).

After leaving Shoreditch I went straight into Primary Education, eventually becoming Head teacher for a short time before I took early retirement but continued with supply work. I finally retired at the age of 72 and recently emigrated to Australia – near Sydney – to join my married sons and daughters and grand children out here.

I still remember the ‘Yeti’ footprints all over the college grounds and building, the trips to Stonehenge, the visit of the girls choir from America, waking the girls at Royal Holloway on their last night before they ‘went down’ at the end of year - college jazz band and all, etc

The church organ continues to be a big part of my life. I played in a number of churches in and around Bradford for many years (including some pretty big do’s) and I am on the point of taking up a post out here in Manly.

If any old colleague is visiting Sydney or even Manly (most people take the Manly Ferry if they visit Sydney) it would be great to meet up.

William (Bill) Slessor

Hello Jill.    

I trust that this splendid site is still in operation and can perhaps help in making contact with a friend who I last saw over forty years ago.

His name is Derek Henderson and he was in 1969 year along with Robin Hosking, Tony Hawkins and Ian Hartley.  We all had rooms in Bradley Hall and I believe he may have taught in the North East of England.

Ian Taylor, '70 yr.       iantaylor100@googlemail.com


Reunion - '65 Year 

I'm trying to organise a 50th reunion for those who attended Shoreditch between 1962-65 ('65 Year).  It was requested by Mike Edwin and Dave Denford who are coming over from Australia for the event.

We have decided that the last weekend in April (27th-29th) suits best those who have to travel the farthest, namely, Oz and Canada. A hotel near Shoreditch has been approached and the date pencilled in. 

I'm waiting on replies from those interested before making a confirmed booking.

Ray Rappel    email:  rrappel@toucansurf.com


Hi John, 

Just to let you, and anyone else who might drop by, that my email address is now satyambhagat@hotmail.co.uk  

I'm Peter Little and was in the 1965 year 

Now retired from sea, but strangely working as a DT Technician at the local secondary school - so it wasn't all a waste of time 

Kind regards 

Peter Little    satyambhagat@hotmail.co.uk

Hi Jill,

I would love to know what happened to Brian Raw - known as "Scruff" when I met him in 1966! He was at Shoreditch 1964-67 [?] and studied woodwork.

The last time I saw him was late 70's and he was married to Sheila and living in the Streatham area.

Val Gadd

October 2011   

First of all, I would like to congratulate you on the great work I think you’re doing by bringing people together, sharing knowledge and keeping memories alive.

My name’s Maria and I’m contacting you from Ireland. I work in film and media and I’m researching the life and work of an English craftsman called Neal Mac Gregor who unfortunately died in Ireland 1990. I am working with a producer and a director.

Neal Mac Gregor would have studied at Shoreditch circa 1965-1967 but I’m not 100% sure about those dates. We have been in contact with 3 people that knew him from those days, but memories are blurred, and I wouldn’t mind finding more fellow students of him. I would also like to find out exactly what years he was there, but I don’t know how to. I am wondering if there’s any way in which you could help me.

Many thanks in advance.
All the best,
email:  maria@soilsiu.com
website:  http://www.soilsiu.com/index2.html

Hi Jill
We have just stumbled across this site and are curious!
Andy Clifford 1973 year and Richard Naylor 1973 Year, both famous for the writing and production of the erudite and appalling 'Soma Heo' newspaper in 71 + 72.  Andy was a Handicraft Student and Richard one of the first cohort of General Course Students.  We both enjoyed doing Drama with  course tutor Geoff Dove.
Richard and I have quite a history together; eventually working as colleague for a Management Training company in the Lake District.
There are a few people we miss and are not in touch with.  They include, Mike Millard, Jill Rutter, Declan Bennington, Stephan Nicholson, Nick Forest  '75, John Warwick  '73 (Marshall 400 who introduced me to Verdi and I am forever grateful) - we were a little odd clique lost in the maelstrom of the super Ditch cliques of Rugby, Reed 300, Football, etc.
Andy and Richard   Contact details
andy@abclifford.co.uk and uncledickkie@gmail.com

Hi Jill,

We are looking to organise a 40 year reunion in 2012 would love get contact info on any of the following people from 72 year,

Chris Carter,  Russ Walters,  Stuart Baird,  Bob Stevenson,  Brian Semple,  Kirk Nunn,  Martin Bonner,  Donald Sharpe,  Ken Clifford,  Neil Nuckley,  Roy Shannon,  Roy Fanning,  Dave Orton,  Colin Mace,  Andy Kilpatrick

Thank you in anticipation
Dave Crisp at  davewcrisp@hotmail.com

Hi Jill

During a recent "clearing out session" I came across an old copy of "Bulletin 69: The Magazine of Shoreditch College Club." There were some very interesting articles (one by your father) and two by George Hicks and G. H. Wilson - both of which were very insightful for their time. Prompted by this find I have looked for, and found, the web site.There are some names I recognise there but none of my closer friends so please add my name to your list.

On leaving "Ditch" in '69 I did VSO in the West Indies. I followed this with spells teaching in Wirral, Liverpool (twice), Kiribati (Gilbert Islands) and Botswana before completing an M.Ed. and settling in for a long spell in the Teacher Education Department at University of Bolton (formerly: Bolton Institute of Higher Education). I am retired now.

I worked briefly with Dave Yarranton and made contact wth Bernie Payne a long time ago and these are the only two people I have met since leaving Shoreditch. I would be interested to hear from anyone who remembers me well.

Alan Wood 69 year  

Hi Jill.

Pleased to have found this website.  I am looking for Derek Fenton, 1961-64.

My name is Will Foordy from Redhill in Surrey.

I have located 6 of the 7 Students (drinking buddies) 64 year, including myself, namely Peter Christian, Brian Hoare, Lionel Hockley, Chris Flaxman and John Pelham and would like to have a reunion.

Thanking you in anticipation. Will Foord.   email:  foord388@btinternet.com



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