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   Lost Touch?    Shoreditch Technical Institute,    Coopers Hill Emergency Training College


Have you lost touch with an old friend or colleague?

If you would like to try to contact a former member of staff or student of Shoreditch, please e-mail the following information to   jill.sandwell@rogers.com    I will include the request in the next revision of this page.

Bullet  the name of the person you are trying to find
Bullet  the approximate years he/she was at Shoreditch
Bullet  his/her last known address
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Is someone trying to find you?   Please take a moment to check below

March 2004      

Hi Jill,

I'm still hoping to make contact with friends from Shoreditch days ... Ed Hooper, Pete Jones, Rhy Davies and any others from English or Drama (75 Year).

Great website.

Lyndon Bournon,  75 Year
new email address (October 2011):  lynbournon@gmail.com

March 2004   (a series of emails from Chris Bell)

Dear Jill,

Superb site. It has already conjured up some great memories and I have already made contact with one former student. I was at Shoreditch from 1960 to 1963. I would like to contact anyone from 1963 year especially Ed Horton, Johnny Frood, Reg Whiffen, Terry Williams, Dave Cater. Does anyone have the whole year photo, valete 1963?

Many thanks,

Chris Bell (Group 1/63)


Hello Jill,

I was a student at Shoreditch from 1960 to 1963. Group 1/63 - Dave Bate, Pete Alden, Dickie Bird, Mike Barnacote, Tim Baker Johnny Bygate, et al. Pals with Ed Horton, Johnny Frood, Reg Whiffen, Terry Williams (The Rustlers). I would love to see some photos, especially the whole-year shot, (1963) on which Gary Owen (or maybe Jones) appeared on each end of the panorama and a former room-mate of mine, Dave Cater looked as if he was being propped up by the other guys. (It was his 21st birthday and we had been to the pub to celebrate before the photo shoot). You can guess the rest but we we felt duty bound to ensure that he did not miss the photo. I also worked as a barman at the Anglers Hotel by the river near Runnymede along with Ed H and John F. during 1962/63

Chris Bell


I was a student from 1960 to 1963; the first batch of 3 year teacher training. I was a member of group 1/63 and friendly with Johnny Frood, Ed Horton, Reg Whiffen and Terry Williams who formed the group known as The Rustlers. Rock & roll - Shadows type stuff. I was what would now be called the 'roady'. We were also 'friendly' with the girls from The Club; Royal Hollway College. Shoreditch was all male in those days. Whatever happened to Jenny, Eva, (Mary who married Reg I think)?

I also supported the dramatic society with such notables as Colin Tufnell, Mike Barnacote, John Downer, Dave Caville to name but a few. A great three years. I would like to hear from anyone from that year group.

Chris Bell

February 2004     

Hi Jill

Shoreditch 47 - I'm 76!

I've spent a very enjoyable and nostalgic time browsing your web site.

This e mail is really to provide the answer to the query in the Staff Photographs - "Do you know who these are?". Cartoon No 3 is Mr Shepherd, Art Lecturer, a very nice person. I don't know when he started at the College, but he was certainly there 1945 to 1947.

I see Bob Williams' son John Williams has also provided input into your web site. I went to the College in 1944 at 16, straight from one of the old technical schools. I was in the old Oxford Group which took the Oxford School Certificate, a requirement for entry to a training college. We enjoyed being taught by the College lecturers. And so I was taught algebra by Scrivens, and arithmetic by Bob Williams - his handouts were terrific.

After leaving the College, I taught until I was called up into the army - which is what happened then. Having decided that teaching was not for me, when I left the army, I got a post as a management trainee with a firm of management consultants and continued for the rest of my working life as a management consultant until I retired in 1994 - having thoroughly enjoyed my working life.

Although since leaving Shoreditch I have enjoyed being an undergraduate and postgraduate on both full time and part time courses, when I think of my student days it is always to Shoreditch that my thoughts turn; they were indeed very happy days. I would very much like to hear from
anyone in my College year at thomas.mccall@ntlworld.com

Many thanks for your efforts Jill, with the web site.

Tom McCall

January 2004       

My father went to Shoreditch Technical College between 1938-1941 to study woodwork, and then had to take maths prior to entering the RAF in 1941.

He is now 80 years old, and we are curious to know if there are
any old students still of this era that you are in contact with.
My father's name is
Frank William Cull.

He returned to the college in 1947 to teach woodwork and craft for 2 and a half years. There may be some old
lecturers that may also remember this period.

Many thanks

Derek Cull
email:  Derek Cull <

Hi Jill,

I spent two years at Englefield Green 1954/6 following two years in the RAF. Oh Happy Days!

The Staff at Shoreditch were outstanding in their knowledge (and patience). I was there during the time of the wooden huts in which the students spent their First Year. Now that we are approaching Winter, I can remember the stoves, (both in the RAF and Shoreditch), glowing red hot in patches at 'lights out' time. The remaining Second and Third Years were housed in the main Coopers Hill building. There was one student I remember who used to commute daily from South London with an immaculate Austin 7. There were a few other students who used to arrive from Englefield Green (where, I assume, they had 'digs') Two other students whom I remember well - although I did not have much to do with them - one was Terry White - with a trumpet, and the other, a mature student who had been in industry - whose name escapes me - who knew all the quick methods of solving problems in metal - and always finished first. He also had a Morgan Three-Wheeler. He gave me a lift from Englefield Green to the College one lunchtime - and I can honestly say I was glad to get out of it! Great fun though!

I only stayed two years in Shoreditch as I did hope to complete a third after a year or two 'on the tools'. However, I spent all my teaching life in the South London area in the early days of the Comprehensive Schools. A brilliant idea - a pity that a small percentage of the pupils would not behave themselves!

At the present time I know of three/four students in the U.K. with whom I speak to by telephone.

They are Geoff Aughton who lives in the Stamford area, Don Foot, who lives in Catford, Ron Kidd who lives in the Herne Hill area and Ron Golding who lives in Surrey. I will contact them during the next week or so if you wish to ask if I may forward you their addresses etc.

I see you have updated the Web Site since I last looked at it some months ago. Looks great!


Brian Allanson. 1954-56

P.S. I spend most of my time in West Wales.

Hi Jill
This is Francis again, still alive in New Zealand. Looked at the updated Shoreditch website, good improvements, and interesting photos. I was happy to see the picture of dear old ' Bodger Behets ' my woodwork tutor at Shoreditch Tech in 1946/7. A great craftsman and well liked teacher.

Re-read the letter of mine that you published. Please note that I have changed my email address to
francis@powerlink.co.nz (the change was due to receiving many scam emails).   July 2005 update: Francis has changed his email address again, to the following:   fros@woosh.co.nz

I have now been in contact with three old colleagues as a result of your website, thanks for that.

With Best Wishes
Francis Henrich


Dec. 2003

I'd like to contact Paul Gladwin, 76 year.

Keith Good, 76 year

Nov. 2003    

Dear Jill,

I'm trying to make contact with MIKE SADLER.

We were at school together and also at Shoreditch together from 1968-71. Mike's family owned a business in the Chester area. I think he has browsed the STC website recently so you may have his e-mail adrress on file.

I live in Malaysia and will be in the UK over Christmas. It would be good to see Mike again after over thirty years.

My e-mail address is: khgatktj@hotmail.com

Thank you very much for the service you provide.

Finally,  I have a year photograph taken in 1971 which is still in very good condition if it would be useful to anyone.

With grateful thanks,

Ken Grimshaw

Sept. 2003     


I'm an ex-student of Brunel University. I got your e-mail address from your Shoreditch College website.

I was an industrial design student there between 1989 & 1993. I have some photos of the campus which I thought your visitors may find interesting. They were taken in September 2001 when a college friend had a party there. The weather was good and so I took advantage of the situation to take a few pictures.

They're to be found here:


And continue here:


I think some of the more remote Shoreditch Alumni would like to see how the college looks nowadays - well two years ago anyway! It was a slightly surreal experience returning after 8 years - almost nothing had changed bar the odd door colour - from when I left in the summer of '93.

Feel free to post a link. The pictures will stay there for some time.

Congrats on the site - it's fascinating to read the sites history. By a very strange coincidence, when I moved to London for the first time in 1996 I lived in a small flat just off Pitfield Street in Shoreditch. I never appreciated the connection before until reading it on your site! I used to walk past the old college almost daily for a year. How spooky is that?!


Tom Hostler

Aug. 2003      

I would like to contact Alan Lewis 1939-1942, last adress Eltham. I would be glad to hear from any at that time.

Dave Lawson, 1940
noswald@shaw. ca
address:    247 Maddoock Ave. West St. Paul Winnipeg Manitoba Canada.


I have just sent an e-mail for a connection to an old former student in my class of 1940. I have found the history and photos of former staff. One missing, and someone who played an important part in the program, was the head of the metalwork department Fred Giles. I wonder if anyone has any knowledge about this real gentleman?

Dave Lawson 1939-1943
Have only today found this link.

Dear Jill.

Thanks for your fine site. I have managed to keep in touch with some of my friends from my days at Shoreditch and with your help and Friends Reunited I have found quite a few more during the last year.

I am
John H Bailey and was in 1960 year and I also returned to the Supplementary Year 1962-1963, when I was surprised to find myself billetted in the Fox and Hounds pub at the gates of Windsor Great Park. I didn`t realise I had such a common name until I arrived at Shoreditch, taking a quick look at the year list I went over to hut A to find somebody on what I thought was my bed. It turned out one year there were about seven Bailey`s including four John Bailey`s there at the same time. It was often quite a lottery opening your mail.

Regarding the French Mistress photo. On the left is Huw Davis, who I believe had been to Cambridge and played outside-half there, he was supplementary year. Next two not known, next is Emyr Ab Iowerth from Rhyl, 1960 year. He was a good footballer and was with Arsenal. He gave up the chance of a football career to be a teacher. Next to him is Bernard (Bunnie) Hughes, 1961 year from Treforest.

I attach six pictures from about a dozen or so that survive. There must have been lots more, but I don`t know what happened to the negs.

As for myself I taught in South Wales for six years before getting married and going to teach in Zambia and Botswana. Met up with Alan Hardie in Rhodesia, what a wonderful place that was then, nearly emigrated there. On returning to U.K. in 1976 I found a nice position in a middle school in Bedfordshire from which I retired in 1996. Still live in a small Bedfordshire village.
Will be pleased to hear from anyone who knew me.

John H. Bailey

Hi Jill

Francis Henrich again from New Zealand. I hope that all is well with you. I'm very glad to see that the Shoreditch website is being extended and more of us ancient wood chippers are appearing.

I am wondering if anyone knows the history of a favourite tutor, Jim Lumley who taught bookbinding in the early 50's at Shoreditch. Messr's Oliver and Thomas were another two who are not mentioned, but were well respected.

Still enjoying your website
Regards Francis



Hi Jill,

Found your site after putting a little extra coal into my computer!. So pleased we can start getting things together on the net.

I formed part of the 'Brummie' contingent of the 63-66 year. Our group was group 10. We were called 10/66. This was significant as you can well imagine at that time.

I have forgotten most of the names of the guys in my group now but remember John Fletcher Smith of Hastings. We lost contact years ago and would love to meet him again. In fact I would love to make contact with anyone who remembers me and others in the 66year.

Trevor Lloyd

You can contact me on
0121 247 8159


Come on you fellows get yer act together.

Best wishes
Paul Stockley

Dear Jill,

I have managed to contact some of my group but am interested in finding Malcolm Welch. All details below. I think Malcie married and possibly went to Canada. I went to Africa under the influence of psychology lecturer Joe Clements and didn't return until 1985 so lost touch with people although two members of Group 12 of '66 also went to Zambia.

Be really interested to hear news and intrigued to see a picture of the clock tower as I had the room immediately below the clock.

No longer teaching.

Malcolm Welch

Somewhere in Wellyn Garden City
John Wood

Hello Jill,

I found your address on the Shoreditch Web site, and wonder if you can help me in tracing a friend from 40 years ago?

His name is Alan Vaughan, and he was at Shoreditch at the same time as I was at Royal Holloway College (September 1963 - June 1966), and we hitched home to the Midlands together occasionally. He came originally from Merivale Road, Rising Brook, Stafford; after graduating, he was going to teach in Sandhurst or Camberley, and I have traced him to an address in Owlsmoor for the 2 years after that (using electoral registers). After that the trail goes cold.

Some College friends and I are having a '40 years on' re-union this summer, and would like to invite Alan, if we can contact him. Can you or any of your correspondents help, please?

Many thanks,
Jean Hackett

P.S. His room-mate was Michael Killick from Kent, and John Wynn lived across the landing from him, if that's any help.

Jean Hackett
Messaging Solutions Training Co-ordinator
SchlumbergerSema Telecom
New Century Place
20 - 22 Queens Road
Reading RG1 4AU

Tel: + 44 (0)118 964 1834
Fax: + 44 (0)118 964 2369

Hi Jill

I've just found 'Ditch's website - looks great.

I was a student from 1966 - 1969 and would be glad to be listed and to hear from anyone who might remember me.

Tony Hawkins

From John H Bailey, 1958-1960. Supplementary year 1962-1963.
Would like to hear from anyone who can remember me at Shoreditch.

John Bailey



Hello Jill,

How nice to see a site about the best college in the world - well I thought so anyway. I didn't ever make it as a teacher but the 3 years I spent at the 'Ditch' (1962 - 1965) did, with hindsdight, help me along in this world.

I'd like to get in contact with any of the following from the '65 year (not listed in any particular order chaps <G)

Ray Leaney
Graham Link
(last seen heading for New Zealand in the early 70's)
Tim Young
Alan Bell
Alan Bailey
John Morgan
'Mac' Macguire

Or anyone else who remembers me.

I now live in Shropshire near Oswestry and work as Master in the Merchant Navy.

email to

Attached are three jpg's of our
year photograph.


Peter Little



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