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Have you lost touch with an old friend or colleague?

If you would like to try to contact a former member of staff or student of Shoreditch, please e-mail the following information to  jill.sandwell@rogers.com .   I will include the request in the next revision of this page.

Bullet  the name of the person you are trying to find
Bullet  the approximate years he/she was at Shoreditch
Bullet  his/her last known address
Bullet  your name
Bullet  your mailing address (optional)
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Bullet  please put "Lost Touch" in the subject header so that I know to put your request on these pages,

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December 2001    

Those of you who have tried FriendsReunited might also be interested in this organisation, http://www.alumni.net.
has over 2.2 million members and it is a free service.



I was at Shoreditch from 1969 to 1973. I have just come across your web site which I have enjoyed. Thank you for your hard work.

I notice that you have web sites of individuals who attended 'Ditch and which show some of their work. Whilst I do not have an
individual web site the company in which I am a major shareholder does. Our site shows our entire product range which I have had the pleasure of designing. It may or may not be of interest to others to see part of the outcome of an education at Shoreditch which concentrated on individual product design and making translated into mass production.



Kirk Nunn
"KIRK NUNN" <yjk89@dial.pipex.com>


November 2001     


I was pointed in the direction of this site through friends-reunited, and it is great to see Shoreditch getting a site of it's own.
I was a 78 year student and lived in Rowan and the notorious Reed 300's for my final year. I was in my time there Chairman of the Social commitee, member of the Birdcage Disco and part of the Rowing team.

It was in my second year when as part of the social commitee that we had a disaster with a band booked for the validictory dance, who were arrested for drugs on their way to the gig. So as professional people we ( the organisers) cleared off to the pub. It was here that Ralf Silverman spotted a famous pop star and after some prompting went and asked him to help us out. To our suprise he said yes and to give him half an hour and he would be there. Later back at college a Rolls Royce pulls up and out gets Elton John in full platforms and sparkely suit. It was fantastic as he performed with just the piano in the Chappel and the disco PA for three hours solid. Im sure anybody who was there (and the Chappel was packed with people even hanging from the roof trusses) would remember this fantastic evening. The next day we took a certificate down to his house to make him an honorary member of the college.

At present I am still teaching technology at Litherland High School in Sefton Merseyside, but always hopeful of an escape route
one day.

Mark Rollins

e-mail:   "Mark Rollins" <markrollins@lineone.net>




September 2001    


I was only saying last night, 'I wonder what happened to the organ Bill Slessor, Howard Southgate and myself restored and rebuilt in the Chapel at STC' if there are any photos available I would love to see them.

Lo and behold I found your website, and my name and photo in the 1964 section. It brought about a lot of memories flooding black especially the photo of SAM Bowden and my own personal tutor Tom Reddy.

I managed to escape from teaching at the age of fifty with early retirement/redundancy and now run my own engineering company. Somewhere I should have some photos kicking around, I could scan them and send them to you.

Does anyone remember the storm one night, could have been 1963, the footings had been dug out for what may have been the last of the extensions (after the new controversial dining roof was finished and most people only gave it a few months before
collapsing!!!!!!) everyone went out swimming in these footings well after midnight. The tutors thought we were mad..............we
were then!

There are two names to my knowledge in the 64 list which are missing, Andrew Kirkland then from Chesterfield, now living in
Oxford and is the only one I have been able to keep in touch with and Jeff Thomas who died earlier this year.

Anyone remember the STC chant?

A. Marks (Tony) 1964 Distinction in craft

e-mail:   TONY <modeloy@lineone.net>

November 2001

Was at Shoreditch '70 to '73. I am happy for you to pass on my email address to any one who went to 'Ditch and on any 'Ditch web site.

Mick Sheehan

My e mail has changed to:  
 m(at)sheehan2(dot)wanadoo(dot)co(dot)uk   <where (at) is replaced by  @  and (dot) is replaced by  .  in both places, because of problems with spam email;  if you click on the link it will translate automatically into the correct format>   (Sept. 2007)

Skype:  thames.rower

November 2001    

Dear Jill,

Mick Walter 203/71 aka Walt one of the REED 300 boys here. I have just found your site through Pete Mellor, 71 year, whom I found on the Friends Re-united site. It seems that there are only two 71 year names on your list so you can now add mine! I
believe Keith Clarke, my old mucker, is now working/living on the south coast somewhere but have not been able to trace him any further.

I managed to teach for 30 years in Luton before I decided that I did not like it, and retired at the end of 1999. I now run my own
business fitting kitchens, building wardrobes and anything else connected with wood.

I would welcome finding any of the other 300 lads if they are still out there and chatting over old times. If any other '71 year old boys contact you I am happy for you to pass on my E-Mail address.

Hope to hear from you soon.

P.S. I am sure I remember the Capstan for the Foudroyant being made in the boat shed in the garden during my time at the
Ditch, 68-71

Mick Walter.



November 2001     

Hi Jill,

Congratulations on your website. I was at Shoreditch from 1976 to 79 and have a lot of fond memories. I am teaching full time in a school for children with learning difficulties and co-ordinate Design Technology and ICT. However, I am also in business and have a contemporary art gallery in Virginia Water (just around the corner from the college). I often visit the college and have enjoyed a glass or two in the Union bar. Please can you include a link to the gallery on your website,
Our e-mail address is

It would be great to hear from anybody who remembers me.

Thanking you in advance.

Richard Dolinski, 79yr



November 2001      

Hi Jill.
Thanks for the Shoreditch site, it's good to see it expanding. I have only just discovered the Alumni area having only viewed the main site previously.

I was at Shoreditch College from 1959 to 1961 (which included the French Mistress era of which I see a photo on the site, I too still have several photos of that period) and again from 1971 to 1972 when I did my Supplementary Third Year. My first stint was during the period of two year training. One of the qualifications for entry in those halcyon days was to have completed a period of National Service which I did in the RAF. Life at college was very different during that second session in 1971, not least because there were young ladies there! Being men only in my day, we always had to import ours from Holloway College of the village!

I can remember but few of my colleagues and have not seen any names I recognise as yet. I was with Alan Mount I know, but right now I cannot remember any others, no doubt some other names will come in due course. I wonder whether there are any of my colleagues out there who remember me or others from those years?

I spent 25 years teaching woodwork before retiring early on a sickness pension in 1986, then had a period as a professional woodturner before going back to school to help out in the workshops. I am now at an independent school in Suffolk and thoroughly enjoying running and maintaining the computer network and hopefully can continue that until I finally retire in 2003.

Mike Marsh (sometimes known as Jim Marsh at college!)


September 2001     

Our names are Carole & Turk we were in 76 year. We are interested in any one who was in 75, 76 and 77 year who might still
remember either or both of us.

e-mail:   nizmat@tinyworld.co.uk




August 2001     

Three people have drawn our attention to an interesting site you can join. The idea is that you look up your old school (college, university), enter your name etc. and see if anyone you know has also signed up. The section for Shoreditch includes several names. Check it out at ....... http://www.friendsreunited.co.uk/

Thanks to Graham Lison ('69 year) graham@hglmotors.co.uk
Steve Knight (1973-76) steveknight@skab.co.uk
and Barry Thomas ('79 year)

August 2001

Dear Jill,

Thank you very much for coordinating this facility.

I have lost touch with a very close friend called FRANK DURHAM who was best man at my wedding some thirty years ago. The last time I was in touch with him (which must be over twenty years ago) he was living and teaching in LEEDS, YORKSHIRE.

To the best of my knowledge he was at Shoreditch from 67-70. My name is
KEN GRIMSHAW and I was at Shoreditch from 68-71. As is obvious from the dates, he was on the year above me.

It would not surprise me if Frank left the teaching profession at some stage but I suspect he may well have remained in the Yorkshire area.

I shall not include my address or telephone number as I am currently teaching at a school in Malaysia so as it would seem sensible for anyone who wishes to contact me to do so by e-mail.

Thanks again,

Kenneth Grimshaw

e-mail:   khgatktj@hotmail.com



June 2001     

Hoping to contact Jon Martin. At Shoreditch in early 1980's, met while he was on teaching practice at Altwood School in
Maidenhead in 1984. He lived in Bray, into motorbikes. Lurked for a few years together and lost touch. He went into selling life
assurance, etc. Be glad to be put back in touch.

Martin Taylor, adult and carpenter.

e-mail:  Lampard.Taylor@ukgateway.net

June 2001    

Dear Jill

Great to see the website, my name is
Martin Smith, I was at Shoreditch '76-'79. It was interesting to see all our final projects listed and the year photo, although for some reason I'm not in it!

I remember Barry Thomas and can recognise quite a few of the faces.

I'm still teaching in East Kent. I have kept in contact with Ray Petty (still teaching) & Dave Smith (now living in Michigan, USA & working as a furniture maker). Paul Dean (from '81 yr) is also teaching in East Kent.

If anyone would like to get in touch...

e-mail:   martin@eastry.screaming.net

Martin Smith



May 2001    

Dear Jill,

Yes I have lost touch.....but now come across your site.

Would be interested in hearing from anyone who can remember 1981 year.
It woud be good to chat..

Please contact
Alan Cormack


April 2001

I am preparing the scientific book EUROPEAN HYDRAULICIANS 1800-2000, in which I would also like to include Wilfrid Noel BOND (1897-1937), known for the Bond number in hydrodynamics. Bond was a reader at Coopers Hill college, which then became a part of Shoreditch college.

I am looking for the portrait of Bond, I have almost completed his biography.

Thank you so much for your help,

Willi H. Hager

Prof. Dr. W.H. Hager
VAW, ETH-Zentrum
CH-8092 Zurich

e-mail:   hager@vaw.baug.ethz.ch



April 2001   

I was interested in your site as my father (who passed away 14 years ago) was a student at the Shoreditch Training college around the early 1950's.

His name was Ian David Jones originally from St.Asaph in North Wales. I would love to hear from anyone who knew of him.

Marc Jones

e-mail:   marc.jones@bryngobaith.freeserve.co.uk



April 2001   

Hi - great to see the web site. My name is Pete Mellor and I was at 'Ditch 1968 - 1971. Other than in the early years 1974/75 when we revisited Old Boys days, I have lost contact with all those I was at 'Ditch with.

If there is anyone out there who remembers me or others from this period it would be great to chat about old times (great times)
Email me at home or contact me through my school:

Leysland High School
Winchester Rd
Leics LE8 5PR

e-mail:   pete.mellor@leysland.leics.sch.uk

Peter Mellor
e-mail:   pete@prmellor.co.uk


April 2001  

Has anyone seen or heard of the following lads from 1968-1971

Colin Reynard
(Was Rugby Club Captain)
Colin Roberts
Dave Pearson
Dave Jobbings
All from Yorkshire

Colin Rawlings (From Kent)
Paul Rainer (From London)

We all lived on top floor Scrivens in our final year

I am still teaching ( Senior Teacher/IT Manager) in Leicestershire

Pete Mellor


March 2001   

I was delighted to find the Shoreditch website this evening - lots of wonderful memories! I was in '77 year but left in '78.
I have quite a few addresses of people in that year group who I have remained in touch with over the years and we have had a few reunions in Englefield Green.

Lorna Groves (nee Colgan) (1977 year)


February 2001

Does anyone know the whereabouts of John Hopkins, 1961 year? He took over the post of President of Rifle Club from me. I believe he eventually found a teaching post somewhere in Kent.

Maurice Hann (1960 year)
(new e-mail address)


January 2001      

I too was in '76' year. Had Bradley room next to Alan Pudney on top floor. Remember the bikers at the end of the corridor? Too
many names have escaped me although I do recall Nigel Kemp's name.

Someones already mentioned Rhys Davies..and long haired Jim (Hanson)? SU chairman?? I thought Holloway college abducted him as part of their rag stunts until a ransom was made... apparently they had to let him go as it was costing too much to feed him as Shoreditch didn't cough up the money !!!!

Now part of Brunel.. keep promising myself that I should go to see the annual exhibition.

best wishes

Ian Rodie

email:   "Ian Rodie" <ianrodie@ntlworld.com>



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