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   Email / website address updates:

Jeremy Broun (66 year)

www.woodomain.com     (Dec. 07)   jb@woodomain.com
 (Dec. 2012)

John Ricketts

tiana@parkfarmholidaycottages.co.uk     (Dec. 07)

Mick Sheehan  (73 yr)

m(at)sheehan2(dot)wanadoo(dot)co(dot)uk     (Sept. 07)

Graham Adkins  (1959)

adki27@aol.com   (Feb. 09)

John H. Bailey  (1960 Year & Supplementary year 1962-1963)

john@glenjohn.plus.com     (Jan. 2010)

Don Spencer  (1959)

PO Box 39502 Howick, Manukau City 2145, New Zealand. (Oct. 2009)   sec55@slingshot.co.nz   (Dec. 2010)

Lyndon Bournon (1975)

lynbournon@gmail.com    (Oct. 2011)

Vigen Boyadjian (Vig) (1972)

vigen@vignet.net   Website: www.vignet.net   now lives in Manila Philippines and Bangkok Thailand   (August 2010)

C F Connington

fredcon@hotmail.com     (Feb. 2011)

Peter Little  (1965)

satyambhagat@hotmail.co.uk    (Nov. 2011)

Ken Aplin  (1967)

kevan@akeda.com   (Feb. 2017)

Have you lost touch with an old friend or colleague?

If you would like to try to contact a former member of staff or student of Shoreditch, please e-mail the following information to   jill.sandwell@rogers.com    I will include the request in the next revision of this page.

Bullet  the name of the person you are trying to find
Bullet  the approximate years he/she was at Shoreditch
Bullet  his/her last known address
Bullet  your name
Bullet  your mailing address (optional)
Bullet  your e-mail address
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Is someone trying to find you?   Please take a moment to check below




Hello John

I was at Shoreditch from 1964 to 1967, and as it is coming up to fifty years since I left, I thought it about time that I tried to make contact with anyone who remembers me. My name is John Smith although I am possibly better remembered as JD. I was in group 10 of that year; served on the social committee; was on the carnival committee and was a founding member of the Meccano club.

It would be good to hear from anyone who was in that '67 year, but especially other members of the Meccano club.

I understand from the college website that you are trying to compile a directory of past students and staff, and I would be very happy to provide my details if you are continuing with this project.

Looking forward to hearing from you, and hopefully some old friends.

John Smith




Hi, just found this site and touching base.

Pleased to hear from anyone who might remember me (rag committee 68, soc sec 69-70). I moved in to special ed after probationary year in secondary but after 25 yrs finally escaped in 96 to work as music tutor and musician with steelbands in the north east, more or less retired now but can't resist doing little bits of work (play?).

Dave Edwards 1967-70

daveedwards@blueyonder.co.uk  or gmail




Hi Jill

I attended the college until 1979 as a trainee PE teacher. There were only about 15 of us, I would love to get back in touch with any of them.

One of the only guys whom I can remember including surname was Richard Tidy. There was a Roy, Nick, Sharon and Teresa among others. 

If you have any information that might help me contact them, I would be very grateful. 

Yours sincerely

John Dixon


Name of the person trying to find  -  Keith Tracey

Approximate years he was at Shoreditch – 1953-1957

His last known address – Canada

Jill Anderson

email:  personal: jilly20@icloud.com    |  work: jill.anderson@ulh.nhs.uk


Hello Jill,

I am making contact in memory of Kenneth J Ledbury who sadly passed away in December 2007. He was a Student at the College from 1956 to 1958.  

I am including photo of the First Year of 1957, Article about The Stompers from The Column Magazine 1957, and photo of Kenneth with his Austin 7 named Meriel which was no longer in his ownership by the end of 1958.

Would be interested to hear from anyone who has memories of Kenneth, in particular photos or memories that they wish to share of The Stompers when he was their Washboard Player. Also, does anyone remember what happened to Meriel, or have any photos showing the number plate, wonder if she is still around or on the road.

Many thanks & Kind Regards,

Karen Ranger (nee Ledbury)



Hello John,

I am Peter Burrows, 1966 year. I was Secretary and President of The Shoreditch Society; formerly Shoreditch College Club in the 70's and 80's.

I am writing a sort of autobiography and wonder if you can give me some more precise details than my memory can recall.

The 1966 year may be distinguished in that we never had a 'Exhibition' which was usually quite a grand affair when final year men's work was displayed in the hall and the College was open to visitors.  

The College Club usually held their AGM on the Sunday.

Shortly after our final examinations were complete and after the famous final job night was over in May 1966 there was a serious outbreak of Salmonella food poisoning. Several men were hospitalised and I remember the night patrols of the corridors checking for men collapsed in their rooms. On the morning after, the College closed and we all went home.

Apparently the cause was a carrier, a cook.

Do you have any record of this?

I know it was in the National papers but have not been able to find it on line (and am too lazy to go searching micro-fiche in our central library!)

Thank you for all your efforts keeping the Shoreditch name going.

I often wonder how much more successful the Shoreditch Society would have been if we had had e-mail in the 70's when everything was done by Gestetner and Royal Mail!

Hope to hear from you.

Peter Burrows, 1966


The just discovered College website, coupled with my attempts to find the entrance off Coopers Hill yesterday as I wandered over the Green prompted me to search on line. Wife and daughter, who is in her final year reading history at Royal Holloway, finished lunch at the Barley Mow while I walked the dog down memory lane looking for clues to my past!

So much of my life was shaped by Shoreditch and many of the tutors from my great two years there have left their stamp on my life. So first a heartfelt thank you to your Father's memory.  He once said, 'Gentlemen, if you have a craft, you are saved'.  he was spot on for me.

I met my first wife when she was at Holloway when I was able to provide transport to our mutual friends with my old Jag convertible. She and I  parted after many years and while working in education, I met my second wife and it is our daughter who chose Holloway from her list of country wide uni's with I hope, no influence from me and now she too is just about to sit her finals in History.

Now some expressions of real gratitude. I have a passion for understanding the psychology of learning and seeing that ability in any field so often is hampered by self doubt engendered by the opinions of perhaps teachers, even parents, etc.  That all started with the great Irish lecturer who would repeat to us so often that 'the social and emotional growth and development of children is key to their learning'. That became my mantra as a young teacher and it amazed me just what my pupils could do when given the belief that so much was possible. Colleagues got kids making teapot stands, etc while we made hovercraft, go-carts, steam engines, guitars and attracted lots of national attention for all that.  All down to the wonderful inspiration that Shoreditch gave me. (I have spent the last 20 years spreading the word re self- image psy. and effective thinking in both community and education across the UK and Ireland.)

Mr Tuckett convinced me I could paint, Mr Adams gave me a lifelong love of pottery - some made with him is still here in one piece!  This is enough history for you yet it is lovely to acknowledge that my life owes so much to your father Mr Williams and the other tutors who certainly 'lit my fuse'!

(Friends who come to mind from my time were John Etheridge, Mark Caldicott, and Mick Richards. Some names have got lost in the memory banks!)

With my thanks and kind wishes

Malcolm Haas



Trying to contact:  Tony Martin,  Brian McCormack,  David Lee,  Leslie Mathias,  Brian Jenkins, I know where he is.

I qualified in 1960 but stayed on for an extra year.  Claim to fame was an extra in the French Mistress singing with others the French national anthem.  Started at college in black military style huts near the chapel.  Moved to main building and in digs in Englefield Green.  Excellent college.  42 years teaching now retired touring with my coachman caravan and my Saab 95 aero car.  Wood turning in my workshop to keep my brain working.

A recent picture of me.  


Ken Mathias 1958/61.  3 Farm View. Rayleigh, Essex ss6 9pt
01268 786048



I should love to be in contact again with John Harding, a brilliant teacher who did his final teaching practice at Horsenden Secondary Boys' School in Greenford, Middlesex where I, at that time, was Head of History.  

He was a collector of Chelsea porcelain.

Details:  John Harding,  At Shoreditch from 1963 - 1966 approximately.  Last known address: in Ickenham, near Hillingdon, Middlesex


Mike Hall
Address:  Flat 2, St. Mary's Lodge, Príory Road, Chichester, PO 19  1 JB

e-mail:   michael.hall77@tesco.net  

Phone:  01243 792358

Dear John    

I was very pleased to discover the existence of the STC web page as I have had little or no contact with the College or friends since leaving in July 1946.  This is not surprising in view of the College's relocation and my own 'call up' a few weeks after leaving.  I much regret this and will try to catch up.  I do not know who of my year group are left as most must also be well past their 'sell by' date.  Perhaps some will remember my production of Cinderella in the main hall and/or a two piano performance with Frank Brereton of Grieg's Piano Concerto also in the Great Hall.  I have a printed programme of the former and also several copies of 'The Column' which could be passed into the Archives - if wanted.  I wil append or list those in my year group most of whom I remember well.

Following two years service in the Royal Army Education Corps and having been trained as a Secondary School Handicrafts Teacher I was on demobilisation posted to a Junior School by Essex Education Dept. to whom I was contractually bound.  There I spent the next 17 years becoming much involved in music education until when about to accept a Headship I was invited to become Music Adviser in the newly formed London Borough of Redbridge - a position I finally accepted.  Later I was awarded both the Queen's Jubilee Medal and an OBE in 1978.

Although I had perhaps not made the best use of my craft training being originally the student 'most unlikely to succeed' I feel I can be proud of my years at Shoreditch.  I would love to hear of others success.  The craft team Messrs. Williams, Giles and Lumley taught me all I know and are remembered with respect and affection.  How I ever made it - I shall never know!!

Malcolm Bidgood - 1944 - 1946


Note:  Malcolm has provided a Pass List for 1946, here

Hello Jill,   

I have been sorting out goodness knows how many old photographs and memorabilia, including a few old pictures taken at Shoreditch.

I attach a picture taken in 1959/60 of a few members of the college rifle club. We used to shoot at Windsor Rifle Club range, and later would meet at a coffee bar in the town.

Rifle Club

Those members shown are:-

1.  John Pumfrey (supplementary year),

2.  Maurice Hann 1960 year,

3.  R.M. Slater, 1961 year,

4.  John Hopkins 1961 year

5.  D.E. Goddard, 1961 year.  (always had a pipe in his hand!)

I have managed to locate John Pumfrey and John Hopkins, but should be pleased to find the others.

I have a few more pictures of those men shown (and others) at the Windsor range, and some of the Rifle Club Dinner held at (The Packhorse?), with Mr Clapham and Chris Burrows (president students’ union) as our guests. Should be pleased to forward these pictures to any of those who remember those times.

Kind regards,

Maurice Hann (1960)


UPDATE, March 2017:  The two "unknowns", R.M. Slater & D.E. Goddard, have been named for us by Rex Needles (1961). Thanks Maurice and Rex for filling in the gaps.

Hi Jill,     

I was at Shoreditch from ’68 to ’71, just found your website, I would welcome getting in touch with anyone from Reed 300 at that time.

Keith Clark

Croft Cottage
1 West End Croft
Burgh by Sands
Cumbria  CA5 6BT

01228 576116



I am wishing to contact Mike Davies (from West Wales) who trained with my brother David approx 1960-63.  We last spoke about 2004.  

Please contact

Peter Steer





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