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Have you lost touch with an old friend or colleague?

If you would like to try to contact a former member of staff or student of Shoreditch, please e-mail the following information to  jill.sandwell@rogers.com    I will include the request in the next revision of this page.

Bullet the name of the person you are trying to find
Bullet  the approximate years he/she was at Shoreditch
Bullet  his/her last known address
Bullet  your name
Bullet  your mailing address (optional)
Bullet  your e-mail address
Bullet  your phone number (optional)
Bullet  please include "Lost Touch" in the subject header so I will know to include your message on these pages and not in the Directory

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Is someone trying to find you?   Please take a moment to check below

I would be interested in hearing from anyone who was at Coopers Hill Training College in 1947 and who remembers the production of Bernard Shaw's Saint Joan, performed on the steps of the college.

My inquiry is on behalf of Sybil Ewbank (niece of Dame Sybil Thorndike) who played Joan in that production. She would be delighted to hear from anyone who was there, or perhaps took part in the play. I would also be interested in their memories, as I am writing her biography.

Megan Jones

April 2011  

I am an ex Shoreditch Student. I attended college 1973-1976 teacher training. I was a drama/english student.

I would love to contact a few friends (if in fact they remember me). My full name was Christina Cant 16.07.55 and I came from (still do) Bury St. Edmunds, Suffolk. I would love to know how to contact anyone from that era.

Many thanks
Chris Bullock

email:  christinakbullock@hotmail.com

February 2011

I left in 1965 and would love to hear from anybody from that year. 

I am in touch with Terry Green, Paul Sykes, Baz Thick, Robin Turner, Jonathon Tucker, John Tresise, Roger Towse, Joe Waller and Pete Vielvoye.

I have just found a similar request from Pete Little and hope to be in touch with him shortly.

Many thanks
Dennis (Ernie) Oakes   62/105

E-mail:  denniseoakes@btinternet.com

January 2011


I am organising a re-union for the '63 year group who attended Shoreditch college during 1960-63 years.

The event for '63 year people and their wives/partners is on 5 & 6th April 2011 at Royal Holloway College, Egham

I am in contact with about 40 folks so far, however if any one has an email or postal address for any of the following people, I should be pleased to hear from them.

Many Thanks

Alan Paul


Tim Adkin, Phil Alden, Don Ashton, N (?Nick) Avery, Tom Baker, Chris Bell, Stephen Best,  "Dicky" *(S.L.) Bird, T.B Broadhurst, Eric Brogden,  J.F. Burrow,  Clive Carr, Dave Cater, Keith Clamp, Jack Cluer, .T.D. Cook,  M.J. Davies,  Tom Driver, Roger Downer, Alan Fielder, C.D. Fieldwick,  R.C. Hall, Jim Hardy, R.S. Harper, E.G. Harris, J.B. Heeley, L.G. HOrtin, G.L. Hulme, Phil Jarvis, W.P.W.Johnosn, C.G. Jones, Brian Kennedy, Stan Kessel,  G.L. Knight,  Alan O'Connor, Tony Meadley. Tom Price, D.G. Rees, Chris Rishmere, David Steer,  I.A. Williams, Alan Wood,  Micl Woodfield, Ken Williamson, Ken Pickett, Ray Tolley, Brian Shadbolt, R. Whittaker. G. Hillier. Ian Perkins, A.E. Thomas.

July 2010   

I was in 75 Year (English). I posted in 2000 re Rhy Davies, Peter Jones and Ed Hooper. I have had contact with another former student who's also been looking for Rhys, unfortunately without success. Rhys was a lovely bloke who was President of the Students' Union, and many people would remember him for his flamboyant lifestyle!

If anyone has info on Ed or Pete, I'd love to hear from them.

My email address is now lyndon@ukadians.com  .      lyndonbournon@gmail.com   (updated Jan. 2011)

Lyndon Bournon   75 yr.


June 2010   new

Tony Cripps who took School Cert. at S.T.C. in 1948 would like make contact with the following students of that year if still on planet earth.

1.  Names of students I am looking for:  Ron Sims, Allistair Napier and Geof. Ashdown

2.  Year at Shoreditch: 1948.

3.  My name is Tony Cripps.

4.  My Address is 127, Gilders Rd, Chessington, Surrey.

5.  E-Mail Address: TonyCripps@live.co.uk

6.  My telephone No.  07855 260 731

April 2010


I was a student  73 yr.  Have a small website which you may want to add to your list.

I am looking franticly for a picture of a spinning wheel (for wool) which I made for my final job.

Robert Jackson, 73 yr

email:   Robert@Llangernyw.com



June 2010       new

Thanks for adding my webpage.

I have been looking for ages for this picture, finally found it.  It was my final job 73 yr.  
An upright traditional design spinning wheel.

Robert Jackson, 73 yr

April 2010  

Dear Jill,

About a year ago a question was posed in the Daily Mail asking who as an amateur played soccer for England and the reply came back that it was Bernard Joy, I wonder if this was our History lecturer at Shoreditch?   Perhaps John Mortimore may know.

Sincerely, Dennis Keam

email:  denniskeam@talktalk.net

April 2010  

Dear Jill,

I am proposing a reunion for 1960 year students, lunch at the Barley Mow on Thursday October 21st. I have addresses for 13 ex students but it would be nice if we could find some new ones. Unfortunately no new faces have surfaced in the last two years.

I would like to hear the whereabouts of any 1960 year students or from anyone who might know them.

Thanks for your help and doing the web site,

John Bailey
email:   john@glenjohn.plus.com

link to the photos from the April 2008 reunion

April 2010      

Hi Jill,

I am trying to get in touch with John Howell (JJ) who was at Shoreditch in about 1956-7. He taught me (he was a wood work and metal work teacher) at Fyfield Boarding school starting in about 1958. He left to join the army as a vocational instructor in Hong Kong in about 1961.

I owe him an enormous debt of gratitude and would like to make contact with him or his family if at all possible.

My contact details are below.

Thank you
Kind Regards,

Ian Massey
Director, MDA Consulting Co.

email:  imassey@mdaconsulting.co.za

Durban Office:  Suite 4 Gillitts Office Park, 2 Roger Place, Gillitts, 3610
Postal Add:      PO Box 883, Northlands, 2116
Telephone:      +27 31 764 0811
Facsimile:        +27 31 764 5621

November 2009


Was a Student from 1951 - 1953 (the first years at Englefield Green).  I have contacted John to find if any Students around that period have been in contact - it didn't seem the norm to take photographs or snaps during these years.

I taught with an Eric Tomlinson in Hull (1950 - 1952) for many years and met two other teachers from my year in Pontefract many years ago - I think one was called Featherston(e).


Tom Harrison
email:  Harrisonnewbald@aol.com
address:  18 Church Mount,  North Newbald, York.  YO43 4SY

November 2009

Hi Jill,

I was a student at Shoreditch from 1955 to 1958. The name: Carson Davies.

Wondered if there were any of my friends still around. There are too many to mention all of them, but some of the names that come to mind are Bob Eaves, John Hucker, Dave Bromilow, Wilson Davis, John Howell, Ray Swailes, Frank Bell, and so the list goes on.

If anyone can remember me, or knows anything of the history of those mentioned, or others of the same era for that matter, I would appreciate an update.

I have lived in Australia since 1970.

Many thanks,

email:  caranne@internode.on.net

September 2009

Liz Derbyshire (a college 'landlady' in the early seventies, at Riverpark, Riverpark Avenue, Staines) is hoping to contact Meryl (Patricia) Lloyd who graduated in 1975.  Meryl was her first student.  She lived in Worcester and was an avid Everton fan.  If anyone knows where Meryl is now, Liz would be very grateful if you would let her know that she would like to get back in touch.

email:   liz_derbyshire@hotmail.com

August 2009   

Hi could you help me?  I'm trying to contact two of my friends from Shoreditch college, Surrey - 1974 year.  Their names are (were) Susi (Susan) Tate and Elaine Tomlinson.  Susi lived in Barnsley, Yorkshire and Elaine lived in Exeter, Devon.  They were two of a group of good friends from Scrivens 200.  I am in contact with others from our group, Pat Tolman and Linda Sherwood.

We would love to find our friends as we are hoping to meet up again in the near future.  My name is Adria Martin (nee Rosser)

Hope you can help!  

email:  adria.martin@virgin.net

June 2009

I am trying to locate Raymond (Ray) Willett - we attended Shoreditch in the years 1949/1950  - I think?  
I now live in New Zealand and have done so since 1970..... 

Bob Bangerter (Robert James Bangerter)
27 Seascape Road, Remuera,
Auckland, New Zealand 1050 

Ph:      +64  21 862 738
Fax     +64 9 522 8923
email:  bangerterb@yahoo.co.nz

June 2009

My name is Vigen Boyadjian of 72yr.  I was known as Vig.

Trying to contact Steve Brailsford (hope I spelt it correctly) also of 72yr.  He was from Yorkshire.

I was the owner and former MD of Viglen Computers until we sold the company to Alan Sugar.  I live in the Philippines now.  Check out our Web www.vignet.net   Anyone remember Me?

Many Thanks and best regards,
email:   vig.boyd@vignet.net  

May 2009

Tony Cripps would like to hear from Roy A. Laming (1950-52).  Last known address:  47, Brinklow Crescent, Shooters Hill, SE18

Tony Cripps, 127 Gilders Road, Chessington, Surrey KT92EB
phone:  7 0208 3973297

May 2009

Laurence Gill would like to hear from Doug Davidson (1963-1966).  
Last seen in Harare Zimbabwe in 1988.  Went to Cyprus, then to Australia.

Laurence Gill
email:   no1jemma@telus.net    ljgill@shaw.ca

April 2009

Ed Thompson is trying to contact students from 1969 Year with the aim of organising a 40th Reunion the weekend of September 11 and 12, in the Egham area.

If you are interested, or know of a reunion already being organised, please contact Ed at:  ed (dot) thompson2 (at ) virgin (dot) net    using normal email address punctuation

March 2009

I am researching the history of Charles H. (Harold) Hayward, who, by report, lectured at Shoreditch from 1938-1939. Mr. Hayward was born in 1898 in London and spent his entire career engaged in the field of  woodwork. He authored or edited nearly 40 books, many of which remain  as classics. I have no other information as to his last known address, obituary, etc.

If anyone has any information on Mr. Hayward, first hand, anecdotal or in print, I would very much like to hear from them. The goal of this  particular project is to write an article about Mr. Hayward.

Gary Roberts
8 Stormy Hill
Dedham, MA 02026
email:  toolemera@mac.com



March 2009

Hi Jill,

I have only just found the Shoreditch website. I am Cyril Crawley from the class of  '44 and am now in my 83rd. year.  I cannot remember many names from the group but the following are a few of them.  Mick Casson, Maurice Pocock, T.J.R.King, who I think lived at Westerham, P.J.H.Fender,(or was it P.G.J.?), two students named Baker & Bidgood, whose first names escape me, and an ex-serviceman named Smith.
Among the staff I recall Dr. Bradley, who was the Principal and taught Maths, Mr. Scrivens, the Headmaster, Mr. Lumley, Woodwork and Mr Giles, Metalwork and NATIONAL MILK COCOA in the canteen - I can almost taste it still - yummy!
One of the secretaries was Peggy after whom we named the mascot which we made for, I believe, some inter-college event. This took the form of a very large jack plane which we loaded on to the roof luggage space of the coach taking us to the meeting.
On leaving Shoreditch I obtained a post in a primary school in Edmonton, N9, but received my calling up papers before term started. I managed ten days teaching whilst a replacement was found. On 26th Sept. I travelled to Hyderabad Barracks in Colchester and eventually spent almost two years instructing clerks and storemen for the Royal Army Ordnance Corps at Hilsea on the outskirts of Portsmouth.
After military service I returned to Edmonton for four years before moving to Welwyn Garden City where I spent the remainder of my teaching career, retiring in 1990.
Cyril Crawley (44/8341)

email:  cyril.crawley@btinternet.com

February 2009

Hi Jill,

I am Graham Adkins (known as "Treen"). I left Shoreditch College, Englefield Green, Egham in 1959.

I am retired from full-time teaching now (I am aged 71 yrs) but I still teach in the evenings (Mathematics).

If anyone wishes to make contact I will be delighted. Please note that my email address is now: adki27@aol.com

Very best wishes to all associated with "The Ditch",

Graham Adkins

email:   adki27@aol.com

January 2009


Are any of the founder members of the “Bar Committee” of 1967/8/9 still around?  It would be interesting to hear from any of those who set up the original bar in the Common Room and the office down in the cellars of the building.


David Clitheroe - 69 year

email:   david.clitheroe@ntlworld.com



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