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Have you lost touch with an old friend or colleague?

If you would like to try to contact a former member of staff or student of Shoreditch, please e-mail the following information to   jill.sandwell@rogers.com    I will include the request in the next revision of this page.

Bullet  the name of the person you are trying to find
Bullet  the approximate years he/she was at Shoreditch
Bullet  his/her last known address
Bullet  your name
Bullet  your mailing address (optional)
Bullet  your e-mail address
Bullet  your phone number (optional)
Bullet  please put "Lost Touch" in the subject header so that I know to put your request on these pages,
             not into the Directory  (and so that my spam filters don't delete it!)

Don't forget to look at the News and Views Page ~ you will find letters on various subjects there.


Is someone trying to find you?   Please take a moment to check below


September 2007  

Please would you include myself, Peter Dicker (69 year) and Colin Whitfield (60 year) to take a tour of Shoreditch College.   We intend arriving at about 10.30.
Just a brief snippet about myself over the last 38 years since leaving 'Ditch'.     For 19 years I taught D & T.   Initially at Sedgehill School in Catford, South London, then at Samuel Pepys in New Cross and then finally at Coopers School in Chislehurst.    I was then asked to help organise the annual D + T Show that now takes place at the NEC in Birmingham.    Six years ago I was made Show Director and now have sole responsibility in running and organising the show.   One of my proudest moments was in 2004 when The Design and Technology Association awarded me with the 'Outstanding Contribution to D & T' award.
Colin and I are very much looking forward to meeting up with everyone next week.
Kind regards,
Peter Dicker
email: peterd@ichf.co.uk

August 2007

Dear Jill,

By sheer luck I came across the Shoreditch web page while I was visiting my daughter in Calgary.  I was even more amazed to find a photo of the 1960 year (my year) which included two of my very good friends and I would like to make contact with them again.

They are, Christopher Scarratt,  1958 to 1960, Cornwall   and   Peter Hindle, Yorkshire

Philip Francis
29555 Sunvalley Crescent
B.C.  Canada  V4X 1J2

e-mail: philfrancis@shaw.ca

August 2007


This is a long shot.

I was a student of 75 year, I am needing to know where I can obtain a copy of my qualification Cert Ed
Believe it or not to get into Indonesia
Can anyone help or know a government dept which might have records.

Strange thing is I don’t actually remember being given a certificate or diploma just a slip of paper.

Hope some one can help

Howard Tringham
Class of 75
e-mail: Howard.Tringham@me1.bp.com

August 2007

Hi Jill

I am trying to trace an old friend of mine, Reg Whiffen. I found his name on your link and would love to touch base with him again.

I am currently living in Papua, Indonesia and plan to visit the UK later this year; things going well!!

Last that I heard of Reg I think he lived at no: 5 Larch lane, Woolmer Green, Herts????

Many thanks and regards
Mac Clayden

Consultant to SRM
PH: 543 4182

Mobile: 08111771753
e-mail: Mark_Clayden@fmi.com

July 2007

Note my new E-Mail address.

If you have sent a recent message and  not received a reply could you please mail me again.

John Bailey.

e-mail: jhelides7b@onetel.com

March 2007

Dear Jill,

Please do help me.


My wife of 51 years died on 1 May 2006 and I am compiling a record of her work in the field of education. She was invited to join the staff of the Education Department at Shoreditch College in the 1970s (sometime from 1973 onwards) and was very happy at Englefield Green.

I would dearly like to hear from any one-time students or staff who remember her. I met many of her colleagues and students when I joined Dorothy at Open Days and events. One such was when Elton John came and performed for us all to make up for the disappointment of the failure of a booked group to show!

When Dorothy retired her students entertained us to dinner. She loved them all dearly and I was very pleased to get to know many of them. If any read this, please do get in touch with me. I am seeking contributions for a book and want a rounded picture - not just a piece of spin.

Best wishes to you all.

Jack Clayton
5 Old Brewery Yard
Halesworth Suffolk IP19 8AW

Tel: 01986 872425


February 2007

Dear Madam ,

I live in Perth Western Australia and I am trying to find out the history of my half brother John Richard Purton -- known to me as JACK. He was a student of Shoreditch College and I am trying to find out about his life. Can you help with any information please.

What I do know is, that he died March 14th 1944 age 22 years while serving as a sub lieutenant (A) with H.M.S.Saker., Royal Navel Volunteer Resserve, His Rememberance with honor Lee-on-Solent Memorial WW2. I have only one photo of him, Can you please offer me any information. I would be most greatfull.

yours truly

Raymond A Purton

February 2007

Jill, have enjoyed the site – thank you.

I was at Shoreditch from 1969 – 72 and have kept in contact with Charlie Miller throughout, also his wife Janet Finch as she was then I think she was 74yr.

I will put a note on the lost touch board as well – good luck with compiling the list

Julian Harber



PS – As in the course of your research you may already be aware that there is a Shoreditch College Freemason’s Lodge that meets at Gt. Queens Street London

February 2007

I'm Ben Keith Hartley, 65 year

My address is 4 Townsend, Great Cheverell, Devizes, Wiltshire. SN10 5TL

Anyone in year 65 who wants to get in touch.


November 2006

Dear Jill

I have just found your website. Amazing! I've viewed my class photograph (1966). I thought all was lost! You have made my day!!

I attended Shoreditch (The Ditch) between 1963 and 1966. I had three good mates while there - Alan Vaughan, John Woods, and Pete Williams.  But I would be delighted to hear from others who attended at the same time.

I emigrated to Canada in 1970, where I have been since. I would love to find out where these three friends are, and make contact.

My professional contact details are in the signature below, but my home and website details are:

904 Nottinghill Avenue
Kingston, Ontario
Canada K7P 2B4

Tel:     613-389-1214

Please add my details to your site.

Cheers, Malcolm

Malcolm Welch, PhD
Associate Professor
Faculty of Education, Queen's University

October 2006

At Shoreditch College in Pitfield Street 1936 to 1940.

I would love to hear from any of the 1940 Group still alive and kicking.

Alf White

email:   whitagem@talktalk.net

August 2006

Hi Jill,

I was at Shoreditch 73 year...73/38 rings a bell for some reason! I still have the toolboxes we had to make (with beautiful dovetails and ruined by having to paint all over them with grey plant paint!).

I did not teach after college but went off and worked with a blacksmith as an unpaid assistant in exchange for rent free workshop space. That seemed to set the pattern for my subsequent life...both financially and occupationally!

I have a rather scrappy website but it does show some of the major commissions I have had. The address is below.

I noticed with interest the link to Kirk Nunn's web site, I remember him very well from the year ahead. The novelty of him taking off his short haired wig and shaking out his mane of blonde hair at the end of a teaching practice day is fresh in my mind! He always seemed to have to do it after he had walked into the refectory though...exhibitionist!

John Hostler and the 73yr. Bradley gang organised a few reunions and seemed to be very active (I went to the five year one I think) but I notice the link you have for his web site is no longer valid.

I keep in touch-ish with Mike Webb (who had a vintage Alvis Firebird) and Pete Higson...with John Guilford we four ran the Motor club for a couple of years.

I was prompted to look up your Shoreditch site today when I came across a box of slides I had taken in the summer after we left college. Mike and I made a trip in the Alvis up to Achiltibuie (north west of Ullapool) to visit the gang led by Miles Snowden who were putting a roof and floor into a croft up there. I have some shots of the work going on and a good group shot beneath the "Shady Enterprises Inc." name board! I can scan a copy in if any of them find this posting and would like one.

I was amazed at the photographs of the campus on your site taken in 2001 it all looks remarkably familiar, I expected huge changes.

Best wishes, Alan

Alan Evans,
Makins, Whiteway, Stroud, Glos. GL6 7ER
Tel: 01285 821366 Fax: 01285 821860



March 25, 2006

Hi Jill
Just found the site as I sat bored watching TV. I went to ditch from 74 - 77 part of the Reed 300 crew, played a lot of football, got drunk a lot and didn't do enough work - still enjoyed every minute of it. Left in 77 with
Erika Eding married now for 25 years and they all said it wouldn't last.

If anyone remembers either of us drop us a line, we have some links with Jacko and Ollie but after that lost all contact.

Think I have a 77 picture as well if anyone is interested.

Jim and Erika (James Hourigan)

January 2006

Have just discovered your web site and would like to contact old friends.

I was at the Ditch 1953-55, and again 1957-58.  I am looking for George Thornton, Peter Warner and old hockey and cricket club players.

Thank you
Ron Toole

email:   toole <wendy@toole.f9.co.uk>

January 2006

Hi Jill,

I have seen John Strike quite often. He was at Shoreditch in the mid to late 60's He gave up teaching and is a fishmonger in Porthleven. We both sailed Vegas. He still has his, though have sold mine; not much use in Mid Wales.

Chris Scarratt 1958-60
cscarratt <c.scarratt@btinternet.com>

October 2005   

Attended Ditch` between 78/82. Was in 81 year but didn't want to leave so stayed on for the extra holiday year!!! I am in contact with Allan Cormack but have lost touch with everyone else. Dave Capes, Gary Pemberton, Steve tribe, Goody, Ian Morris, Norman Salmon, Gordon Silva and many others.

Would love to hear from anyone who was there at that time. Have also heard of a possible re-union for students of 80/81/82 years. Any info?

Have lots of photos of rag processions and college fun....... If you are interested.

Dave Urquhart

July 2005   

Hi Jill,

I am Graham Adkins. I left Shoreditch College in 1959. When I was at the Ditch I was known as "Treen". I have retired from full time teaching now, but still do a great deal in my spare time. If any 1959 colleague is on your list, I would be very interested to learn about him.

I saw a note from Don Spencer on the Shoreditch site. He was a good friend and he was asking for news of me. Will you please let me have his email address?

On the 1959 valette, the names of Max Finch (Berks), and John Bailey (Berks) are missing.
(jill's note: we have Max Finch and John Bailey listed under the 1959-60 Supplementary Year Valete)

Thank you for the work you are doing.

Graham Adkins   (1959)
e-mail:   grahamadkins@fsmail.net

March 2005

Hi Jill!!

Had the idea today of looking for Shoreditch College on the INet and was pleased to find the w-site with your address.

I graduated from the college in 1964 and am still teaching .. though this time in NW Ontario at Sandy Lake. Looking through the site pages I don't see too many names of students from that time. If any other student from that year (or another) would like to contact me, here is my email address: nevwebb@hotmail.com

Regards Nev.

Neville Web ('64)
e-mail:  nevwebb@hotmail.com

March 2005


I was just browsing your excellent web site and was at Shoreditch College from 1971-75. My name was Lynne Wheildon. I am currently living in Philadelphia, U.S.A. I would love to hear from anyone who remembers me.


Lynne Harrison ('74 year)

e-mail:    lynnedharrison@hotmail.com

February 2005

Hi Jill,

Just came across your Shoreditch website and was most impressed. Would like to hear from any '71 Yr.

Anyone know anything of:
Mike Sadler
Trevor Stuckey
Bob Thomas

Chris Naylor (71 year)

(Have still got my PTA tankard)

e-mail:   a6cjn@btinternet.com    new email address

January 2005

Hi Jill,

What a wonderful site and thank you very much for bringing back so many happy memories.

I was a 75 year student, out in digs during my first year and on Bradley 200 during my second year. Where I was during the third year doesn't matter, but Dawn (Wilson) and I got married in 1976. It would be great to hear from some old friends who shared this corridor - some names have escaped me, but I do remember Paul (Kip) Kennington, Steve Brice, John Cross, Roger Christie, Frank Davies and Mick Newman.

At present I am teaching in a school in East London. I've been there for most of the last thirty years! Only a few more years to go and I can look forward to retirement.


Bill Shell (75 yr)
e-mail:   billshell@btinternet.com

January 2005

Hi Jill,

Thanks once again for all the work maintaining the site. I posted a lost touch SOS some time ago and was able to locate Pete Bosson (69yr) That makes two now.

My EMail address has changed to drracks6@look.ca. Just to let you know for the update. Thanks again

Derek Giles (69yr) Then BEd student (70)





December 2004

Dear Jill

My name is
Don Spencer and I was at Shoreditch 1957 - 1959. I am delighted to find a site for the college, and many thanks for the work which you have done in making this happen.

After teaching in London for six years I worked in Malta and the Fiji islands where I was employed as Adviser in technical education. For the past twenty-seven years I have lived in New Zealand and retired from teaching in 1995.

I am busy in retirement and enjoy my flying both power and gliding. I also run my own business buying and selling hall marked sterling silver.

At Shoreditch I enjoyed the sheetmetal/silversmithing courses and the help and patience of Mr A Canon. Some past students may remember me for my nickname of ' pedals ', I was a member of Camberley Wheelers and also rode on the cycle track at Slough recreation centre.

I should like to make contact with the following people from the
59' year ;  Bryon Gordon Smith , John Bailey , Graham Cecil Adkins.

Don Spencer
PO Box 39502 Howick
Manukau City 2145
New Zealand.          
(new mailing address from October 2009)

(email address withheld; if you would prefer to email Don, please contact Jill)

October 2004 

Dear Jill

First let me say how happy I was to discover the Ditch site. I was there in the 71 year and as always had the time of my life. I have managed to get in touch with several friends through another site and am always looking for new names.

I found a picture of the first womens rowing team in the early seventies and if I am not mistaken B.J.Banks is in it. B.J was I think in the first intake of girls and was instrumental in looking after a very smelly ferret for me!! (Just getting into her block past the security guard was always great fun. If you loved climbing you could go right up to the roof top and find the way in. Of course you could also throw a cracker under the mini he used to sit in, that would set his alsation off and he would be distracted enough for all the friends to pile in the front door.)

I'd love to know where she ended up and what she is doing now. I emigrated to Australia almost within 6 months of leaving college so I lost touch with a number of good friends. I would appreciate any info that you can find to help me contact B.J., my email address is Kingbarts@hotmail.com

Once again the site is great especially for expats.

Kevin Bartholomew,   71 year


September 2004  

Hi, my name is Les Pace. I was at Shoreditch 62-65 and I see myself in the photo sent by Pete Little.

I remember some of the names in the `P´ group; Dave Poole, Nick Pratchet, Roy Pickup, ? Painter. Many other faces are familiar and I´m sure their names are not far behind! There was Mr. Kelley who taught art from the back of a Land Rover, and the man sitting to the right of the principle taught education and always stressed that `youre all grown men now boys.....´ There was a morning when we filed into the chapel to find my little MG standing before the altar...... er Mr Poole ? The route to the Barley Mow was a straight line through the woods from the college gates but had a few bends built in for the journey back. And does any one remember the `Rumbling Tum´? Mr Hurst perhaps ? Talking of music the music master and cello classes and a certain Mr Runciman ... mmm where are they all now? All in all a very good time was had, and the wood work and metalwork was not bad either.

I live in Finland now and am still practicing those crafts with mostly the same tools. I´d be happy to hear from anyone I knew from our time at Shoreditch so please feel free to include my email if you should post this letter. Thanks to you too Jill for tending this site.

Les Pace, 1962-1965


August 2004  

Hello Jill
I have just been trolling through the web site again having heard nothing from anyone since my previous entry in November 2001! In fact there seem to be a big void of input from the students of years 1959 - 1961 when I was there. I just wonder what has happened to them all, they must have all retired by now, as I have, since we were all much of a similar age. I thought that maybe some of them might have discovered computers by now and found the web site? It would be nice to hear something from somebody from that period.

Yours (obviously unloved and unremembered!)
Mike Marsh, 1959-1961


August 2004  

Hi Jill

Just thought I'd drop by the site again and realise that my email address is now different to the one I gave you some time ago.

If possible could you change it from steveknight@skab.co.uk to steveknight@trellis-est.co.uk

If you can that would be great.

Keep up the good work...

Steve Knight (Brighton and Hove, UK)




August 2004 

Hi Jill:

I don't know if you are still actively maintaining the Shoreditch College site, but I came across it a few weeks ago, and I've only just looked carefully at your email - I hadn't realized you are (or were) in Canada.

I had responded to a message on Page 3 of your "lost touch" pages. Tony Marks was remarking that Andy Kirkland and Jeff Thomas were missing from the list of '64 students. I'm also missing - Richard Westgate, my 2nd year room mate Alan Steed, and also my high school companion and 1st year room mate, Ken Macbride.

I was secretary of the Student Union in our second year, and for that reason, never got to be billeted out - I spent all three years in residence.

I also remember that phenomenal storm with lightning 360 degrees around us and constant thunder for hours. Guys were out in their swim trunks, and also (I heard) naked. I didn't have the courage to set foot outside, though now I wish I had!

I was distressed to hear that Jeff Thomas had died several years ago, but I guess we're all getting up there. I remember Jeff in my room one night demonstrating his ability to walk on his knees while his feet were in the lotus position! He could also put both his feet behind his head (at the same time!) Never forgotten.

I've been in Canada for over 30 years now, working with blind people, first in a teaching role (teaching woodwork and metalwork), and then managing the career centre, and now in a technology systems role as business analyst.

Shoreditch was my start, and in some ways I've never strayed far from that path, even though I could never have imagined this career path back then.

I don't have anyone in particular I'm trying to find, but if my reminiscences strike cords with anyone, I'd live to hear from them.

Richard Westgate   1961-1964
Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

PS: Thanks for doing this page - I'd heard the college had closed down, but never realized what it had become now, nor that there were so many people drawn back to the old place.

July 2004  

Dear Jill, 

I should like to make contact with two friends who I have not been in touch with since we left in 1964.
John Manning J.P and Peter Olsen P.C

Yours sincerely,
Dave Morrison


Morrison D.J 57, Beatrice Road, Bermondsey, London, SE1 5BS

May 2004

Dear Jill,
Tried to contact Francis Henrich by e-mail but failed (user unknown). Perhaps the following could be put on the page for him.

Dear Francis,
I was at Shoreditch from 1936-40. Jim Lumley taught Bookbinding and Woodwork to the lower years. He played a large part in the production of the War time News bulletins sent out to us in the Forces throughout WW2.

Alf White 1936-1940


(Note:  Francis Henrich's email :  fros@woosh.co.nz )

April 2004   

Hi Jill,

Just stumbled across your web site and what a good idea. I was at Shoreditch from 76-80, taking the last 4th year degree course. This must make me a 79 year student.

My name is Stuart Turner and I was the Soma Heo editor for a year or two, helped write the exhibition magazine for a couple of years and might be remembered for working to get the cars off the roads and into the car park.

I was a mature student, not hard to achieve at the time, and had a lot of fun and met some great people. I would be interested to hear from anyone of that era who knew me - providing they are friendly!

I was there for the impromptu Elton John concert and lots of other incidents.

I taught in Chichester for four years and then in London for two, that was enough for me. I went to Miami for eight years and now live in London and try to spend winters in Miami.

Stuart Turner, 79 year




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